Russian Revolutions 1917

Revolutions of 1917

February Revolution

February 23, 1917

Women workers were protesting in the streets on Feb. 23, 1917 because they wanted war to stop and they were working in miserable conditions in order to give food to their families. And then more people joined the protest, including men and women.

October Revolution

October 25, 1917

The revolution began, the Bolsheviks took control of the telegraph, power station, post office, etc. Petrograd was in hands of Bolsheviks then troops infiltrated the Winter Palace. The Bolsheviks were the new leaders of Russia.

Provisional vs. Petrograd Soviet

The Duma and the Petrograd Soviet groups


the Duma members represented the middle and upper classes while the Soviet represented workers and soldiers.

The Provisional Government


was formed by the Duma members. The Provisional government ran the country. After the revolution, the government abolished the death penalty, granted amnesty for all political prisoners and those in exile, ended discrimination, and granted civil liberties

Lenin's Return

Lenin returns

April 3, 1917

He arrived in Petrograd at the Finland station.He gave a speech telling the people that war was not over and that the government had not given the people land and food.

Civil War

After the War


Russian soldiers left to their home but they were tired, hungry and wanted their jobs back. There was no jobs and living conditions became more difficult.

Reds vs. Whites

June 1918

Czar Nicholas and his family were killed. The war lasted over 2 years and it was bloody, brutal, and cruel. Millions of people were killed but at the end the Reds won.