Russia Revolution 1917

Revolutions of 1917

February Revolution

February 23, 1917 - March 1, 1917

Women workers in the Petrograd left their factories and entered the streets to protest on International Womens Day. Over 90,000 women marched through the streets.
The next day, men joined the women in the streets for protest. It got to the point where the city was shut down because everyone was protesting,
Nicholas 11 did not take the strikes seriously. He was abdicted on March 1.

Nicholas 11 abdicted

March 1, 1917

This left Russia without a monarchy for the first time in 300 years.

October Revolution

October 10, 1917 - October 25, 1917

Lenin thought the people were ready for another revolution. A secret meeting was held with the Bolshevick party leaders and it was decided that it was time for an armed insurrection. Troops that were loyal to the Bolshevick's took over the telegraph, power station, strategic bridges, post office, train stations and the state bank. The only place that wasnt taken over was the Winter Palace, where the provisional government lived. The following day, many of them fled. Lenin now controlled Russia.

Provisional Government vs. The Petrograd Soviet

Provisional Government

April 1917

Two groups emerged out of the civil war, the Duma and the Petrograd Soviet. The Duma represented middle and upper class and Soviet represented wokers and soldiers. The Duma formed the provisional government and the Soviet were okay with it. During the February Revolution, the government abolished the death penalty, granted amnesty for political prisoners and those in exile and ended religious and ethical discrimination. However the government thought that Russia should be loyal to its allies and continue fighting in the war and the Soviet did not.

Lenin Returns From Exile

Lenin Comes Back

April 1, 1917

Because the provisional government let exiles back into
Russia, Lenin could return. Many thousands of people went to greet Lenin at the train station. Lenin gave a speech and said that the provisional government needs to be gotten rid of and a new revolution needs to occur because Russia was still fighting in the war.

Lenin gains more followers

April 1917 - June 1917

Lenin was at first the only one that wanted the provisional government gone, but soon people began to listen and follow him. People began shouting, "Peace, Land, Bread."

Civil War

Civil War in Russia

June 1918

When Lenin pulls out of the war, soldiers came home to no jobs and there was not enough food for everyone. People's problems were much worse off then before. When civil war broke out, it was the white against the reds. The reds worried that the whites would free the zcar and his family and restore monarchy to Russia

Zcar and Family Killed

July 16, 1918 - July 17, 1918

The reds woke up the zcar and his family in the middle of the night and brought them down to the basement and shot them all. The civil war lasted two years but the reds won.