Zaahir Assad





Zaahir Assad born in Baghdad, Ottoman Empire. His family was poor but they saved up to bribe some of the jannisaries in order to get Zhaair accepted into training.

Training as a Janissary

1608 - 1622

Was sent to Enderun to train at the school. Showed aptitude in military tactics. He spent the next decade of his life training and then coming a janissary.

Zaahir trained and felt much companionship with the other students. At times he missed his mother, father, and two sisters. He never say them again though and was discouraged to write.

Sent to protect Baghdad


Was given orders along with overs to reinforce Baghdad. Zaahir stayed out of politics but was devastated when, despite his best efforts, the persians took the city. Zaahir fled into the catacombs.



Savafid Persia siege of Bagdad


Life with his sire

1624 - 1644

PC Name, Augustus Gaius Baddacelli

Venice (1418-1449) Augustus is born and raised as a mortal on a pig farm outside the city. The land being farmed belongs to an Invictus noble, and Augustus' talents for producing high quality and quantity goods earns him some measure of interest. This eventually leads to ghouling, and finally the embrace in 1452. He then moves to the city proper for the next several years learning the ins and outs of kindred society, and managing several of the lords farms. I do not have anything in mind except an "ordinary" upbringing both in the mundane world and in kindred society.

Florence 1460-1523 After being released as a Kindred in his own right Augustus moves to Florence and looks to make his mark in the invictus. He make a number of close ties with a Dynastic house, House Quin (other PC's who as far as I know are getting their stuff in now as well). His rise to ancilla status is marked both by his determination and his temper, though he never does anything way outside the lines of the traditions, he is not always on the right side of proper manners. Overtime it looked as if he would become part of House Quin, but he was turned down membership flat in 1523, after which he left the city.

Meets Cartwright & serves as his hound

1880 - 1885

First saw Cartwright in Santa Fe back in 1880. The miasma of slow churning nightmares lifted in an instant when you felt the square knob of wood slink out. You remember his smile more than anything: broad, appealing. He had an air of command like most Lords. He did not look like a gentleman from New York, but not a prospecter either. You would have pegged him as a gambler.

"You're awake. Good. You're accustomed to the art of violence. I'm accustomed to not collecting Life boons owed to me. I would be passing obliged if Sir painted me a picture of fools vanquished and order restored. You will be my paintbrush. Come, Moor. The railroad is in town and I intend to take it."

Over the next five years, you were Cartwright's hound while he made passing war with a corrupt Mekhet who had come in on the railroad to claim Praxis in the town. There were many strange episodes out west, punctuated by long periods of doing nothing but feeding on prospectors and engaging yourself in your accustomed manner. Cartwright read the classics. He was also intrigued by scientific instruments.

Meets Nil


It was during this time that Nil met Zaahir Assad. Nil went to investigate a haunted system of caves outside of town. "No one who enters ever returns," whispered local miners. Instead of whatever fanciful tales the miners invented, Nil found a fellow Kindred, the Nosferatu Zaahir. They fought each other to a standstill and gained a mutual respect for each other.

Zaahir kills Nil's sire.


A few deaths did not satisfy Cyrus' thirst for blood. He began killing those who had wronged him, those he thought had wronged him, and those who just happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time. Nil was disgusted by Cyrus' actions, but he was not strong enough to move against his sire. Cyrus' bloody trail through Santa Fe began to attract the wrong sort of attention, and Cartwright sent Zaahir to destroy Cyrus and his accomplices. When the confrontation finally came, Cyrus had no chance. Zaahir, however, chose to spare Nil, and Nil pledged to serve Zaahir.

Meeting in DC


concerning breaks in political ties

Meets artist, Michel Fontaine


Michel Fontaine, a Galloi that was embraced in Paris in 1817. He spent a good amount of his Requiem over there, before relocating to the US in 1940 after Hitler invaded France. He is a member of the Circle of the Crone, and a devout follower of the Cult of Cybele. He is not a warrior by any means, but he is a social predator for sure! He will be starting the chronicle as the Prince's Harpy in DC, and has been in that position since his arrival to the city back in 1960. Also, in background he was the Harpy to the Prince of Paris from 1930-1940.

Besides being a socialite, Michel is an artist, being talented in both sculpture and painting. He takes the whole "creation is holy" tenet from the Circle of the Crone to heart, and believes that this is true of his art and in a way it is how he expresses his own faith and devotion for the Dark Mother.

Meets Lady Amelia Grey


Real Name: Aamira Bashir
Public Name: Lady Amelia Grey
Concept: Commissioner/Thief

Francisco "Frank" Castillo's sire

helps her locate artifacts and search through the warrens.

Zaahir acts in the shadows for Cartwright

1970 - 1988

1970's and 1980's - Cartwright begins to very slowly consolidate power. Existing Prince is forced to make him Seneschal.
***Uses Zaahir, who has tried to remain a secret to the kindred in baltimore except for some fellow circle of crone members.

Assists DC against werewolves


They came in trying to claim territory. Some were convinced to leave. Others refused and had to be destroyed. Some of the vampires died in the process. Others of us have physical or emotional scars.

Befriends Priscilla


Priscilla Winsdale - Nosferatu Ordo
She appears to be 18-20, but acts like she's 6-14 depending on how hungry she is.

Her face resembles that of a pretty porcelain doll, she also carries a doll (which I totally forgot to bring to the historical game, I was woefully unprepared in terms of props/costume)
Her creep is that you hear the sound of children mocking you in a sing-song voice
She has a unhealthy fascination with the supernatural, ghosts, and death
She spends the vast majority of her time studying her research, her handler (DJ's character Donnie) supplies her with food and resources.

Hides in the shadows

1990 - 2013

Meets Lucifer Hatfield and other baltimore PCs.

Meets rival, Mathew Gunner


By 95 Mathew would have learned how to use various weapons, favoring a Longsword. Also by this time he has a strict code about using his claws, so unless we were hunting a few Brood he would have never used them.

When fighting Mathew uses pure power to over come his foe. Standing over 7 feet tall and built like a brick wall, he seems to shrug off most blows

Also known as Max to friends.

Was given Kefira by the Crone


Aligns himself with Lucifer, Prince





Does not remember family

Follows family to America


Becomes a crone


Doesn't remember why

Follows family to the west


Torpar by stake

1830 - 1880

Does not remember why

Romance with Georgina Godfrey

1969 - 1972

Georgina Godfrey

Mathematics drives Georgina Godfrey. She defines her very existence through probability algorithms, despising chaos and truly believing one magic string of numbers will organize the universe in her favor. Her orderly thinking is in stark contrast with an eccentric skater punk persona who tags Los Angeles with mystic symbols for the Ordo Dracul. Her ingratiating conversations are mostly awkward, as her social skills aren’t of the highest caliber. Not everyone finds discussing ways to overclock her servers’ processors or improve upon a Brocade MLX router as fascinating as she does. Rarely does Georgina speak or even acknowledge other women, as this tomboy spends most of her time with male Kindred and sometimes kine. While she allies herself almost exclusively with male Kindred, her interest in them is purely for meeting her own personal goals.

proving herself superior to her weak sex
belonging to the patriarchy and facilitating its success
succeeding at challenges and proving her worth as a woman
removing the idea of free will from the kine, reducing every action to mathematics
remaining self-sufficient yet having a powerful man to protect her
to see her men win and succeed due to her efforts
having others do things for her to reinforce her self-sufficiency and control over others

Met at a library after accidentally killing a mortal. she took the ring off and gave it to Zaahir. He has treasured it since.

Zaahir is torpared, awakens, and goes into hiding


Nil has one version of the following story, while your memory has another.

Your memory is of an ornate parlor, staffed by a few coloreds and young strapping men. Cartwright had slipped into his old business as a banker and financeer. The passing trouble is that Prince François de Lozanne, an exceptionally sexual Daeva Crone captivated by the occult, despised Cartwright. You felt torn in loyalty between your longtime employer versus a covenant mate. Cartwright had summoned you and a few other vampires for a war council. The other two wondered what had kept him. Suddenly, you were set upon by the hounds of de Lozanne's court. You three fought bravely, but you were put into torpor.

The story your friend tells, who lingered at the de Lozanne Court, is different. You indeed were in that parlor. And the hounds had come to offer a summons for Cartwright to submit to the Prince some gift. They found you, in torpor, a stake having been driven from the back of the chair in which you sat through your heart.
To this day, you still aren't quite sure what is the truth and what is the lie. From then on, though, one thing was for certain: Cartwright hated to share power, thought he alone could wield it, and sought it by any means necessary.