Darwin's journey


HMS Beagle sails from Devonport, England

December 27, 1831

started voyage

Darwin anchored at Porto Praya

January 16, 1832

went to desert island & wrote "A single green leaf can scarcely be discovered over wide tracks of lava plains."

Landed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 5, 1832

sees Porpoises, seals and penguins. Also reported seeing a splendid scene of natural fireworks.

HMS Beagle sails from Maldonado

July 24, 1833

Darwin arrives off the mouth of Rio Negro

August 3, 1833

This was the principle river on the whole line of coast between the strait of Magellan and the Plata.

Arrived at Buenos Aires, Argentina

August 24, 1833

The Beagle stayed here for a week before sailing to the Plata, leaving Darwin behind to study Buenos Ayres.

Port St. Julian, Argentina

January 9, 1834

Darwin makes some observations about everything in this southern continent has been effected on a grand scale.

Darwin lands in Tierra del fuego, Argentina

December 17, 1834

When they landed he saw "wild men"

Darwin harbors at Bay of St. Carlos, Chile

January 15, 1835

After sailing from Low's harbor, he arrived at Bay of St. Carlos

Volcano of Osorno errupted

January 19, 1835

the volcano erupted. At midnight the sentry reported a large star growing in size 'till three in the morning.

Earthquake inValdivia, Chile

February 20, 1835

He observed an earthquake

Concepción, Chile

March 4, 1835

The mayor told him the news of the earthquake. Not a house in Concepcion or the port of Talcahuano was standing.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

September 15, 1835

Darwin studies and observes the ten islands, formed of volcanic rock

Tahiti Island, French Polynesia

November 15, 1835

he observed that the island was ugly but as he got closer he realized he saw the rich vegetation on the lower section of the island.

Sydney, Australia

January 12, 1836

Darwin writes about the beauty of Port Jackson. Telling about the fine houses, yellowish cliffs, lighthouses, sandstone, beautiful villas, nice cottages and 3 story stone houses.

Cocos Islands in the Indian ocean

April 1, 1836

He observes the islands and compares their coral formations to the ones in Low Archipelago.

Sailed from Port Louis, Mauritius

May 9, 1836

Arrived off St. Helena

July 18, 1836

Darwin writes:
This island, the forbidding aspect of which has been so often described, rises abruptly like a huge black castle from the ocean. Near the town, as if to complete nature's defense, small forts and guns fill up every gap in the rugged rocks. The town runs up a flat and narrow valley; the houses look respectable, and are interspersed with a very few green trees

Darwin reaches Ascension

July 19, 1836

He describes the smooth red hills and summits rising out of the black rugged lava in his journal entry.

Falmouth, England

October 2, 1836

Darwin wraps up his 5 year journey and left the HMS Beagle.