Scottsboro Boys Timeline

Scottsboro Case

How It All Began

March 25, 1931

There were white men that were trying to attack these black boys on a train, after that fight there were no more white men left on the train so people thought that they were trying to kill whites. Later two ladies hopped on the train and at the stop they told the police that the nine black men raped them.


March 26, 1931

All nine boys were arrested in Paint Rock, Alabama then were took to Scottsboro and 200 National Guard Members surrounded the jail to keep mobs out.

The First Trial

April 6, 1931

The boys got a real estate lawyer for $60 and he wanted the boys to plead guilty. The verdict of the trial was guilty.

The Second Trial

April 1933

The main prosecutor for the 2nd trial was Thomas Knight. The chief judge was James E.H and Victoria (one of the two girls) was not a very good witness but people believed her. Finally the defense side got their last witness and it was Ruby saying that they did not really rape them and Victoria told her to pretend that they did. The verdict was guilty.

The Third Trial

June 22, 1933

Judge Horton set aside the verdict for another trial. They replaced the judge and the verdict was still guilty.

Caused by the Scottsboro Case

Norris VS. Alabama Case

February 1935

The case said that blacks could serve on a jury.