East Asia 2


Russo-Japanese War

1904 - 1905


Korea as a protectorate of Japan

1905 - 8/21/1910

Military rule

8/22/1910 - 1919

Japan created a police state called the Government General of Choson

Korea becomes colony of Japan


1911 Land Survey


the colonial government in Korea used this survey to record all land ownership in the country

March 1st Movement


Forced Japan to change its military rule and switch to a "cultural government"

"Cultural Government"

03/02/1919 - 1931

second of three phases of Japanese colonial rule

New Root Society

1927 - 1930

collection of Korean communists

3rd phase of Japanese colonial rule

1931 - 1945

Japan invested huge amounts of capital into Korea to support Japan's wars and severely repressed the freedoms that had flourished in the 1920s. After 1937, Japan used forced labor and assimilation. Koreans were forced to use the Japanese language, worship the Japanese emperor and adopt Japanese names

Manchurian incident


japanese army in Manchuria led a coup d;état against the chinese governor and established the puppet state of Manchukuo

Tenancy Mediation law


The Japanese government enacted this law in Korea to settle tenant disputes in the courts.



Boxer Protocol


Japan (?) required the indemnity of 450 million silver dollars to be paid from customs revenue over the course of 39 years. With the interest of all other foreign loans added in, it left little for the Chinese government to function normally.

First New Youth Periodical


Created by Chen Duxiu

May 4th Incident


student protests erupted in response to the versailles conference siding with Japan over the 21 demands issue

First Issue of "New Youth"


Chiang Kaishek

1927 - 1949

China ruled by nationalist party with Chiang Kaishek at its head

Chinese Civil War

1947 - 1949

Fought between communists and nationalists. The communists won and placed Mao Zedong at the government's head

Mao's rule

1949 - 1976

People's republic of China