Muhammad Ali




Born on January 17, 1942 as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

First interest in Fighting.


After having his bike stole at 12 years old, he said he was going to Whup whoever stole it. The policeman who got the report, appointed Muhammad to a boxing Trainer, Fred Stoner.

The Return Home


When he returns to Louisville, he is not immune to the racism in his town. After being refused service at a restaurant, he throws his Gold medal into the Ohio River.

Kicked Out


After refusing to be drafted into the army, he was stripped of his WBA title and his boxing license. He was also sentenced to 5 Years in prison.

His return to the ring


Due to a loophole, Ali was able to return to the ring in Georgia and knock out Jerry Qaurry in Three rounds

Frazier fight


Getting a chance to fight the heavyweight champion, Joe Frazier, Ali gets knocked down by a left hook in the 15th round. Frazier won by a unanimous decision.



For Muhammad, this was a great year. He was able to beat the former champion, Joe Frazier, in 12 rounds in January, then was able to beat George Foreman for the Heavyweight Championship at Rumble in the Jungle in eight rounds using his technique, Rope-a-Dope, to get his opponent tired then knock him out.

Third Fight


Ali fought Frazier for a third time at "Thrilla in Manila" in the philippines. The two heavyweights fought in bloody, ferocious battle but Ali won when Frazier was in no condition to come out for the 15th round.

Next Loss


Ali is very overconfident going in to his 58th match, 55-2, that he loses his title to Olympic Champion, Leon Spinks, in the 15th round by a split decision.

Reclaims Title

December 19, 1978

Spinks reign was brief as Ali wins his title back 7 months later.



Ali announces his retirement on June 27th.

Come Back


Not enjoying his retirement, Ali returns to the ring to fight new heavyweight champion, Larry Holmes, but gets punished in the 8th and 9th rounds with holmes striking 125 punches and knocking Ali out in the 11th



Ali loses again to Trevor Berbick, then finally hangs up the gloves for good.



Ali is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a disorder that symptoms are muscle tremors and slowness of speech.



Ali gets to carry the final torch and ignites the cauldron to signal the start of the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta.