Darwin's Journey


Davenort, England

12/27/1831 - 1/16/1832

Darwin set sail from Davenport, England on board the ship the Beagle

Cape Verde, Porto praya

1/16/1832 - 7/5/1832

Cape Verde is a volcanic island containing very little plant life but still supporting animal life

Rio de Janiero

7/5/1832 - 12/17/1832

Tierra de Fuego, Argentina

12/17/1832 - 7/24/1833

the ship passed through the strait Le Maire later they anchored on the bay of good success when they were greeted by savages and later were followed by them as they sailed away

Maldonado, Uruguay

7/24/1833 - 8/24/1833

the beagle anchored at the mouth of the Rio negro.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

08/24/1833 - 01/09/1834

Darwin decided to stay behind and travel to Buenos Aires by land during which he discovered the remains of nine ancient four legged mammals or quadrupeds. when he studied these remains he noted how some of them had characteristics of several different groups of animals we have today. another observation was that all of these different species were found within 200 yards of each other

Port St. Julian, Argentina

1/09/1834 - 1/15/1835

Darwin noted how the land along the coast rose up in steppes and because of the sea shells on each steppe he figured out that the land raised up out of the sea over different periods of time and that between each period of raising there was a period of rest during which the sea ate off the land at the coast.

Bay of S. Carlos, Chile

1/15/1835 - 2/20/1835

while anchored in the bay Darwin witnessed the eruption of a volcano he noted how the volcano constantly spewed molten lava an how dark objects were thrown into the air then exploded into color.

Valdivia, Chile

2/20/1835 - 3/04/1835

Darwin witnessed an earthquake he noted how when the earth shook it was like mans last stand point was taken away.