The Mastermind is born

1904 - 4/8/1954

Click the above link to find, books by the author, information on the author, and old t.v. cartoons by the author.Theodor Seuss Gisele a.k.a. Dr. Seuss was an American writer, poet, and cartoonist most widely known for his children's books written under the pen names Dr. Seuss, Theo Lessie and, in one case, Rosetta Stone.


March 2, 1904 - September 24, 1991

Dr.susses life Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, poet, and cartoonist most widely known for children's picture books written and illustrated as Dr. Seuss.

Bartholomew and the Oobleck was published

1 Jan 1949 - 1950

He's a mean one..........Mr. grinch

04/8/1954 - 1/3/1958

the Grinch,a bitter, cave-dwelling creature tries to steal every thing related to Christmas by impersonating Santa clause.eventually he relies that he has a heart for Christmas.

One of the most well-known

1/3/1958 - 1/3/1959

in this book the cat brings cheerful,exotic,exuberant chaos into the household of two kids brother and sister one rainy day while there mother leaves them unintended.

Horton Hatches The Egg

1/3/1958 - 1959

"even though you can’t see or hear them at all, a person’s a person,

1/3/1958 - 4/24/1959

The book tells of Horton the elephant who on the afternoon of may 15 while splashing in a pool located in nool hears a small spec of dust talk to him.

dr.seuss sleep book

1 jan 1962 - 1965