Darwin's Voyage


Devonport England

december 27 1831

Set off to complete Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego survey.

Cape Verde, Porto Praya

January 16, 1832

Cape Verde, Porto Praya is really dry lava land and has very little vegitation. Few goats and cows live. Seldom rain falls.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 5, 1832

Saw tons of porpoises. Entered Playa and weather was unsettled. One night sourrounded by seals and penguins. Very vivid lightning.

Tierra del Fuego Argentina

December 17 1832

Maldonado, Uraguay

July 24, 1833

Arrived at mouth of Rio Negro on August 3rd. 50 years ago, small colony was established, inhabitied by civilized man.

Buenos Aires, Aregentina

August 24 1833

Captain Fitz Roy traveled on boat, Darwin traveled by land to make more observations such as rounded pumice and scattered shells all over country. Also, in Punta Alta, in of the plains they found giganti land animals embedded in it. They are: Megatherium, Megalonyx, Scelidotherioum (nearly perfect skelton and as large as rhino) Found 9 animals in total. Found within 200 yards of each other. Punta Alta shallow bank revealed 20 other species

Port St. Julian, Argentina

January 9 1834

Seas have made clifs. Lowest plain is 90 ft high. highest is 950ft.

Bay of S. Carlos, Chile

January 15 1835

Volcano Osorno was in action. Great masses were thrown into the air and burst in fantastical forms.

Valdivia Chile

February 20 1835

Lying down in the wood when the most severe earthquake at the time occured. Water flowed quickly but there wasn't any big waves. The towns people were very surprised.

Concepcion Chile

March 4 1835

Entered harbour of concepcion. Mayor of estate told him that not a house in Concepcion was standing, 70 villages were destroyed.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

September 15 1835

Consists on 10 principle islands, situated under equator. All formed by volcanic rocks.Craters were examined. Even though its under equator, it's not excessivley hot. Its cooler because of the low temp of the surrounding water. Rocks on coast were abundant with black lizards between 3-4 long. yellowish brown species were common not too far from them. Finches and the structer of their beaks and tails vary.

Tahiti Island, French Polunesia

November 15, 1835

As soon as they anchored there, they were surrounded by canoes...

Sydney Australia

January 12, 1836

Knew they were near a large city. Nice houses and lighthouses.

Cocos Islands

April 1 1836

Lagoon island of coral formation similar to Low Archipelage.

Port Louis, Mauritius

May 9 1836

Arrived at St. Helena which rises like a black castle. There was in fact a castle.


July 19 1836

Smooth conicle hills briht red color. Lava island. Black rocks on scene complete the picture.

Falmouth, England

October 2 1836

Made it to the shore of England and left the Beagle