Scottsboro Boys Timeline


Scottsboro Boys-Accused

March 25, 1931

9 young black men ages 13-19 were falsely accused of raping 2 women, Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. As soon as the men got off of the train they were taken to jail for something they didn't do.

Trial opened

April 6, 1931

The first trial for the Scottsboro boys case. There will be 4 others.

Communist Party

November, 1932

They took over the Scottsboro Boys case and tried to free them.

Court opened

April, 1933

Everyone around showed up to see it.

3rd Trial Verdict

June, 1933


3rd Trial

June 22, 1933

Judge Horton set aside the guilty verdict.

Scottsboro Boys "Beaten"

July, 1933

One of the boys was beaten till he begged for mercy, he was also shot.

Supreme Court

February, 1935

The Supreme Court overturned the guilty verdict.

Eugene Williams


He got out of jail and was a free man.

Charlie Weems


He was paroled, after 12 years in prison.

Ozzie Powell


He was paroled at the age 33.

Haywood Patterson


He slipped away from prison and went to Detroit.

Victoria Price


She sued NBC for something they said about her. They called her a liar and said that she should be ashamed for what they did.

Scottsboro Boys' Freedom

April 4, 2013

The Scottsboro Boys' case was reopened and the verdict for the 5th and final trial was, not guilty. It's sad that the Scottsboro Boys didn't live to see their freedom, but that will give the families some comfort, knowing they were innocent.