Group 7 Timeline

Manifest Destiny

Occupation of Oregon country


US, Britain and Native Americans laid claim to Oregon country. In 1818 Britain and the US agreed to split Oregon country equally.

Santa Fe Trail Opens


William Becknell opened the Santa Fe Trail, and it became a major trading route between New Mexico and the US

Preemption Law


Claimed land could be bought at $1.25 up to 160 acres. Only heads of families qualified. Law was made permanent in 1941.

Missionaries in Oregon country


Missionaries attempted to convert Native Americans. They also spread word about Willamette Valley and Oregon country.

Joseph Smith killed


Joseph Smith was killed by a mob in 1844. Brigham Young became the new leader.

Mormons arrive at the Great Salt Lake


Mormons feeling persecution settled at the Great Salt Lake, where Utah is now.

Treaty of Fort Laramie


Great Plains as Native American territory in exchange for settlers safe passage

Texas Indepence

Empresario Stephen Austin


The most successful empresario. Empresarios were given land to fill with a certain number of settlers.

Mexican colonization laws

1823 - 1825

3 laws were passed to make it easier for foreigners to settle in Texas.

Coahuila y Texas


Coahuila and Texas were joined to become a Mexican state.



Benjamin Edwards led a rebellion against Mexico, and tried to declare independence. This was stopped by Mexican troops.

Mexico closes borders


For fear of an American takeover, Mexico closed its borders to immigrants and stopped trading with the US.

Texas conventions

1832 - 1833

Two conventions were held to try and convince the Mexican government to allow immigration, and to separate Texas and Coahuila.

Austin's visit and arrest


Stephen Austin visited the President of Mexico to try and persuade him. On his way back to Texas, he was arrested for treason and put into jail without trial.

Texas War for Independence

December 1835 - April 1836

After many battles, the Mexican President was forced to sign a treaty recognizing Texas as its own country.

Alamo and Goliad

March 1836

At a missionary called the Alamo, rebel troops bought Houston time to prepare for the Mexican army. After holding out for two weeks, they were slaughtered. At Goliad, Texans were defeated by the Mexican army. They surrendered, but the Mexican President insisted on their execution. More than 300 rebels were executed.

Battle of San Jacinto

April 1836

The Mexican President allowed his troops to take a nap in the afternoon; the rebels made a surprise attack on his troops. The battle lasted only 20 minutes but hundreds were killed in the following hours, as Texans took revenge for Alamo and Goliad. 700 Mexican troops were captured, including the President.