Untitled timeline


Age 5-6

1965 - 1966

-At age 5 she was involved in acrobats and dance. She was also involved in playing sports with her parents such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, golf, croquet, bat mitten, sled riding, and ice skating. She said that her parents were a huge impact on her physical activity and influenced physical activity on her in a positive manner (). She remembers doing these sorts of activities at least 3 times a week for long periods of time, for at least 1 hour. She said that she would be exhausted after that hour of work. She remembers in 1st grade starting physical activity for 30 to 45 minutes twice a week. She didn’t remember many activities but she did remember playing tag at recess and in gym learning how to play different sports such as basketball, baseball and bowling ().

Age 6-7

1966 - 1967

-She continued to have physical education classes for same amount of time 30 to 45 minutes twice a week but on top of that she took dance lessons twice a week in the evenings after school (). She would also help out with chores around the house for her parents such as cutting grass, cleaning, and ironing. During this time she also had a pool and would enjoy doing activities in the pool such as volleyball, simon says, and marco polo (). This is also the time where her dad got her, her first pair of golf clubs, and also, she enjoyed playing tennis with her father ().

Age 14-18

1976 - 1980

-At age 14-18 she participated in cheerleading and track with the guys team running the hurdles (). She would go to each of those practices but she did not remember how long each practice was. These sports would help her stay physically active throughout the years. She shared a car with her sister which allowed her attend her practices and events. At 16 she started dating but it did not have any effect on her physical activity ().At age 18 she started working part time in college. It started to affect her physical activity slightly because she was going to nursing school and studying a lot (˅). She said it slowed down a little bit. She was still able to do some walking around campus and summer sports such as swimming, tennis, boating, water skiing, and walking in the park (). Although at this age she found out that she developed bilateral chondromalcia of the patella (˅). This had a negative effect on her because she is not able to run or jog for a long period of time but can walk at a brisk pace.

Age 20-21

1982 - 1983

-When she was 20, she started working full time which had an effect on her physical activity but not much (). She also got married at age 20 which did not have an impact on her physical activity. She was still able to walk in the park, aerobics, curves and using the treadmill (). She would do one of these activities for at least 45 minutes Monday through Friday. She would work at a higher intensity at least 3 out of the 5 days. Around this age her father had hypertension, open heart surgery, laryngeal cancer and a hip replacement a little later. These were due to health history but mostly due to his smoking habit. These all make her want to perform physical activity to try and avoid these health issues ().

Age 27-30

1986 - 1989

-At age 27 and 30 she had kids, two sons. This did have an effect on her physical activity patterns because when she started a family she started spending more time taking care of her children and raising them (˅). Once she developed a sort of system she was able to start physical activity again because her parents spent time with the kids and helped her out which provided more time for her. Her children got into sports and while waiting for them she would partake in some sort of physical activity while waiting which usually lasted about 30 minutes ().

Present Day

2013 - 2014

-Present day she is physically active by walking 3-4 days a week for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Watching her children perform in physical activities makes her want to continue to stay physically active (). Also since her sons do a lot of physical activities, she feels like she has more time devoted to physical activity ().