The timeline of Pablo Piccaso


Picasso is born

Oct. 25,1818

Pablo Picasso was born in Oct.25,1881 in Malaga,Spain.

Picasso get's into the Royal Academy of Art


At age 15, Picasso get's accepted into the Royal Academy of Art.

The blue period starts

February 17,1901

In 1901 Pablo Picasso's friend shoots himself in the temple. Picasso is very sad so he draws pictures of sad lonesome people in blue. This is also known as the blue period.

The rose period starts


In 1904 Picasso fell in love with Fernande Olivier. All his sadness is flushed away with love. Now he is drawing paintings with clowns and acrobats in pink and orange. this is also known as the rose period.

Picasso starts cubism and abstract

1908 - 1912

After the rose period Picasso shows Paintings with lots of things out of order and made with cubes. This is also known as cubism and abstract.

Picasso dies

April 8,1973

Picasso dies of a heart disease.