Cosa Nostra post WWII


Mafia Commission


The "capi" of each Mafia family meet formally for the first time and add an element of organization to Cosa Nostra.

First Mafia War


A dispute between families in the Commission erupts over a drug-trafficking situation, eventually resulting in the expulsion of the Buscetti family

Mafia members acquitted

1963 - 1968

Because of Mafia's power in the law enforcement world, most of the arrested members are acquitted during this time and Mafia begins to lie low

Massacre at Ciaculli


7 carabinieri are killed by a car bomb, resulting in the arrest of 1,200 suspected Mafia members and the end of the Mafia Commission

Drug-Trafficking Boom

1970 - 1980

The Mafia's drug-trafficking business takes off and they begin to get more and more business from the United States; this period results in the reformation of the Mafia Commission

Antimafia Movement

1980 - 2000

The Antimafia movement takes off and checks the Mafia's power

Mafia Strategy

Mafia lies low

1966 - 1970

Mafia retaliates against Antimafia

1982 - 1992

Mafia lies low

1993 - 2000