Sara - Alt Timeline

Requiem - 1600-1920

Pre-Torpor History.

Arya Ghouls Sara

1600 - 1601

Arya Ghouls for a year before embrace.

Embraced: India


Embraced by Arya Ajit

Truth: Sara is abducted by Arya for embrace after he observes her fora time.

Sara's Memory: She fights her way free from an enemy, her bodyguards are all dead. She flees to try and make it back to her Husband's home in the city and is fallen upon by a ravenous beast. Arya rescues her from death as she is bleeding out on the ground, and embraces her.

Arya's memory: Sara is his mortal daughter, born in the late 13th century, who he embraces only a couple of decades after his embrace.

Accounting: Europe

7/28/1601 - 1605

When I came around, I would find out that I was no longer a living breathing woman. I was a vampire. My Sire was an Elder named Arya Ajit, Indian by birth, like myself, but old...and often violent. My accounting was short because myself and my eldest broodmate, Erik, were forced to put Arya in Torpor after he slaughtered a line of his lineage.

Meets Erik: Germany


Meets Erik, her broodmate
Erik Winters - player: M. Hamilton

Meets Anne


Meets Anne Calbine (, ghoul to Erik Winters, her elder broodmate.

Truth: Dismisses the girl, as she is furniture.
Sara's memory: Not significant enough for her to remember at all.

Sara and Erik torpor Arya


Truth: Sara's accounting is short because Arya is put into Torpor by her and Erik after he slides too close to falling to the beast.

Sara's Memory: Erik, her broodmate, brutally forces Arya into Torpor, Sara keeps him from killing their sire, calming Erik when he goes for the final kill.

Erik's memory:

Arya's memory:

Arya Ajit: Casey,
Erik Winters - player: M. Hamilton

Inducted to Circle of the Crone

1606 - 1616

Truth: Inducted into the Circle of the Crone by Nicola, an elder Daeva Acolyte (NPC). it is uneventful over all, the Crone she learns from is patiant, but not kind, and imparts quite a bit of knowledge on the smart young kindred.

Sara's memory: She spent a decade or so with an elder Acolyte learning the intricacies of the circle. It was brutal, and occasionally violent. The elder was impatiant and cruel, and taught with the concept of pain brings enlightenment. Sara weathered through the blood of the gods in her veins, rendering her stronger than the elder's worst punishments. The training period ended when the Elder found sara a fit student.

Takes the Mantle of Maiden

Approx. 1606

Twins Accounting

Approx. 1617 - Approx. 1630

Twins are Embraced

Approx. 1617

Vijayanagara Empire - Sara goes back and embraces the twins.

Sara embraces Padma


Padma's Accounting

1618 - 1632

BP2: Activates Bloodline Amara Havana


Activated bloodline, Amara Havana, the same bloodline as her Sire.

Rebekah's Accounting

1620 - 1634

Sara embraces Rebekah


Sara takes the role of Scarlett Woman


Mortal Descendant is Born


Sara learns that one of her mortal lineage has born a son named William. There is an attempt to cut dies and disavow that branch of the lineage.

Meets Rowan


Truth: In Duchy of Savoy, Rowan (Brandi Dunn comes across Sara Kuar, a young Daeva Acolyte. Sara’s gotten herself in deep water with a local elder by her mouthy responses to his desire to sleep with her. Rowan manages to save the girl from being beaten into Torpor. Sara is forbidden to return to the Duchy.

Sara’s Memory: She was Prince, and during a Praxis Seizure Sara is nearly killed by the upstart gangrel who wants to be Prince, Rowan saves her.

Rowan’s Memory: Rowan is summoned before the Prince and finds him having sex with Sara. As he finishes with her, he draws her up and throws her at Rowan's feet, commanding her to take Sara from his sight.

Traveling with Erik

1634 - 1637

Traveling with Erik

Truth: They travel quite a bit, nothing remarkable happens, just the night to night survival of two kindred.

Sara's Memories: Erik raided and Sara cleaned up the messes. It was a time of songs, fights, and sex. They parted after Erik tried to kill Sara for a dalliance with another Kindred.

Erik’s Memories: Erik and Sara raided together, she became more brutal every time. It was a time of songs, fighting, and dance. Sara left Erik while he fed... he turned and she was gone from his life.

Lodewijk's Embrace and Accounting

1638 - 1648

Truth: Sara embraces Lodewijk in the Netherlands, and does his accounting while still in that country, he was am embrace of convienence, and out of loneliness.

Sara's Memory: She embraces Lodewijk for his skill with blades, the poor man falls desperatly in love with her, and she embraces him as a reward for his bravery in defending her honor in a duel.

Lodewijk's Memory:

James O’Neill –


1648 - 1665

Mortal Descendent


1650 - Sara learns that her mortal lineage (William) married a Hapsburg named Beatrice and they have had a daughter, and is able to track the family to Puerto Rico. She learns through contacts that Beatrice has sent her daughter away - hidden her within a Lutheran monastery so that Sara or any of her lineage will be unable to touch her.

Takes Guardianship of Adiette


Lunneburg, Germany

Truth: 15 year old Adiette is preparing to take her vows to become a Luthern nun when Sara shows up, announcing both of her parents are dead and taking her into custody. Unaccustomed to life outside of the Convent, Adiette is unprepared for the world beyond Lune. She is educated, but Sara decides that Adiette needs to learn the ways of courtly intrigue. Adiette spends summers in an Estate in Lisbon, Portugal, and winters in Paris as a lady of King Charles I’s court.

Sara's Memory: She takes custody of her great granddaughter out of sorrow for the death of her grandson, the girl's father. She raises her with great care and affection, teaching her the skills for courtly intrigue, and placing her in a good position as she is able, while traveling between Lisbon and Paris.

Travels Europe

1666 - 1669

Truth: Primarily France, Spain, Vienna, and Portugal. She has her ghoul, Adiette, in tow, and goes about as a traveling Scarlet Woman for the Circle.

Sara's Memories: Travels throughout Europe teaching Adiette the skills she would need were she to be embraced.

Adiette's Memory:

Vienna, Austria


Truth: 1666 – Adiette is engaged to be married to Marius Armitage, an Italian ambassador to King Charles’s court. Adiette is outraged at this, but Sara assures her this is the proper protocol for how things are done. Adiette marries Marius, but he dies in their wedding bed before the marriage is consummated. Adiette becomes a wealthy heiress. Following the death of her husband, Adiette leaves Vienna with Sara. Though she had not cared for Marius, the tragic death and her situation leaves her cold. She believes she killed Marius, not realizing he was poisoned. Adiette follows Sara throughout Europe, learning from her.

Sara's Memory: A failed attempt as Marrying off Adiette to a good family as Adiette murdered her husband.

Adiette's Memory:

Sara leaves Adiette w/ Erik


Sara leaves Adiette in Vienna, thinking she would be fine, about to be married to tend to Circle business.

Meets Atilio in Lisbon

1670 - 1700

Embraces Adiette


Truth: Sara embraces Adiette in Madrid, Spain. She has found the girl well enough trained to be embraced, but no longer suitable as a mortal because of her knowledge. She embraced Adiette.

Sara's Memory: Adiette is embraced while she lies sick and dying of some terrible disease. The girl is ungrateful, but Sara benevolently looks passed that, granting Adiette, her great granddaughter the ability to eventually ascend to join the Gods.

Adiette's Memory:

Constantinople w/ Rebekah

1700 - 1730

Meets Lucien.

Hierophant of Madrid, Spain

1732 - 1790


Re-Establishing House Boleyn

1755 - 1756

1755 – Adiette becomes head of House Boleyn – establishing it publically as a House of Judices, as well as a House dedicated to doing what is needed to see that the First Estate continues on.

Sara helps for a year in Puerto Rico, rebuilding the house along side her Invictus Childe and strengthening it. She returns to Madrid, Spain and brings House Boleyn to Europe once again by sponsoring a couple of members she brings back with her.

Circle of the Crone Adviser: House Boleyn

1755 - 2013

Sara becomes the CotC Adviser to House Boleyn.

Hierophant of Lisbon, Portugal

1791 - 1848


Harpy of Lisbon

1791 - 1848


Meets Ragnar and Richter


Truth: Sara meets Ragnar and Richter who are escorted by Rowan while she is the Harpy in Portugal. This marks the beginning of a very stormy relationship with Ragnar.

Exiled from Portugal

1848 - 1850

Truth: Exiled from Portugal for her broodmate (Erik Winters) killing the Prince while visiting. (MESBethanyStrickling/Requiem1)

Bring Arya back to Invictus


Truth: Sara, Hotaru, Erik convince Arya back to the Invictus

Sara's Memory: She doesn't remember doing this.

Hierophant and Harpy of Paris, France

1850 - 1880

(Pending Approval)

Arrives in America


Travels to America with Erik Winters, her Broodmate.


1881 - 1910

Forming the Aesir


Truth: 1911 - Los Angeles, CA Sara, Erik, and Rowan form the Aesir.

Sara's Memory:

Erik's Memory:

Rowan's Memory:


1920 - 1944


Born in India


Birth Name: Devi Lalita (Translates to Playful Goddess)

Born in Southern India, what was then the Vijayanagara Empire, Sara was the youngest daughter of Venkata II (a.k.a. Venkatapati Deva Raya) the King of the Empire, and one of his Queens, Obayama.



Devi was married to a noble of the Kshatriya caste, one of her father's Generals at the age of 15. She bore him a set of twin boys, and a daughter before she was kidnapped at the age of 20.

Twin are born


1 Male (Slot Open)/1 Female (G Goodrich)

Daughter is born


Padma is Born

Approx. 1597

Padma is born. (J. Eiland)

Rebekah is Born

Approx. 1601

Sara's youngest child is born. (Kath Z)

Great Granddaughter: Adiette Mahler


1650 – Born Adiette Mahler to William Mahler and Beatrice de Hapsburg in the town of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Her parents are wealthy on their own, though they fled Europe to escape the destructive influence of Beatrice’s family. The only daughter, Beatrice is terrified that the family curse will be brought to bear against Adiette. She avoids telling any of their family about Adiette’s birth.

Descendant: Cyrus


Descendant Born in Russia
Birth Name: Cyrus Orlandevsky

Requiem - 1944 - Present

Post-Torpor History

Appointed CotC Adviser to House Tollenaar


Erik finally nails Sara down and gets her to agree to be the CotC adviser to House Tollenaar.

Arrives in Phoenix, AZ


Meets Thurston True


Meets Cyrus Van Tollenaar


Cyrus spends several years catching Sara up on modern nights.

Meet Kaylan's PC


Phoenix, Arizona - Meets Kay's PC.

Employs White Spider

1970 - 2013

Employs White Spider to update her security systems annually.

Prisci Harpy of Phoenix

1992 - 2013

Meets John Doe


Meets John Doe, who she utilizes as an information broker and secret exchange. He works for her privately even through modern day.