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The Korean War


In 1948, the republic of Korea, usually called South Korea, was established in the zone that had been occupied by the united states.

North Korea Attacks South Korea

June, 1950

Northe Korea forces swept across the 38th parallel in a surprise attack on South Korea.

The Korea War

September, 1950 - October, 1950

UN troops under MacArthur land at lnchon and move north from Psan, this two- pronged attack drives the north koreans out of south korea, take pyongyang, and advance to the Yalu River.

Macarthur's Counterattack

September, 1950

His troops made a surprise amphibious landing behind enemy lines at lnchon, on korea's west coast.

The Chinese Fight Back

November, 1950 - January, 1951

The chinese Intervene and force UN troops to retreat across the 38th Parallel.

Settling For Stalemate

July 1953

The two sides signed an armistice ending the war.