The Cold War heats up


Korean War


North Korea became a communist nation while South Korea stayed as a democratic nation.

The first attack

June 25, 1950

North Korea made a surprise attack on South Korea. The United States sent troops over to Japan to back up the South Koreans.

The u.s. enters the war... Again

September 1950

The United States fully commits to helping the South Koreans defend themselves from the North Korean attacks.

Fighting back

September 1950 - October 1950

UN troops land in South Korea and push the North Korean forces towards china.

China enters

November 1950 - January 1951

The Chinese army joins the war and pushes the UN troops back to the now existing border between North and South Korea.

The end of the war

July 1953

North and South Korea signs a treaty and ends the war in a stalemate or tie.