18.2 The Cold War Heats Up


Korea Divded


North Korea was named the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" and led by Communist Kim II Sung. South Korea was named the "Republic of Korea" which was established by the United States.

North Korea Attacks South Korea

June, 1950

North Korean forces went to the 38 parallel and did a surprise attack on South Korea. 16 nations sent some aid to help South Korea.

MacArthur's Counterattack

September, 1950 - October, 1950

MacArthur launched a counterattack with tanks, heavy artillery, and fresh troops from the United States. Half of North Korean troops surrendered and half went back across the 38 parallel.

North Korea Almost Wins

September, 1950

North Koreans push South Koreans and UN troops south to the perimeter of Pusan.

The Chinese Fight Back

November, 1950

China sent 300,000 troops to join the war with North Korea.

Settling for Stalemate

July, 1953

Both sides of Korea agreed on creating a split zone.