Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson DC Comics


Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is born

Born in Greeneville, Tennessee

Malcolm's Father and Sister Die

Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson Joins the US Cavalry

Malcolm Marries Elsa Sachsenhausen Bjorkböm

Malcolm Publishes his first comic, The Modern Calvalry

Malcolm and his Wife have their first child

Malcolm Founds New Adventure Comics (DC Comics)

First Detective Comics Published

Harry Donenfield Takes Over DC Comics From Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson

DC Comics Introduces Superman

Detective Comics #27 Introduces Batman

The introduction of Batman created many sales.

Justice League of America is Introduced Along with the Flash and Green Lantern

Warner Bros. Communications Purchases DC Comics

Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson Dies

DC Gains the Rights to Shazam! Over Copyright

Superman The Movie Releases

Sales Boom as New Extended Stories are Introduced

Batman Begins Releases

DC Comics Merge with Warner Bros. Creating DC Entertainment to make Movies

All Comic Book Stories are Reset in the New 52 Relaunch