Accord NY Venue Time Line

This is the timeline for the Accord NY Venue.


Awakened Masters Movement becomes popular

04/01/1850 - 12/10/1941

The Awakened Masters Movement becomes popularized in New York mixing Old world occult beliefs with an increased "party" atmosphere. although filled with numerous fakes and poseurs, they successfully predicted numerous events leading up to World War 2.

The Federal Government arranges to have them arrested on Mail fraud charges in a large raid on their central meeting ground in New York City. The raid is somewhat successful, with most of the groups leadership captured but officers report being attacked by strange creatures upon attempting to capture the group. Several members escape, and go to ground.

Bloody January - H:TV+C:tL

01/01/1902 - 01/31/1902

1902 - A cell of overzealous hunters, led by "Iron" Mike Dougan, make waves in New York with a series of strikes against the Lost community of New York. It begins as a fetch pleads with the hunters to save him from the "horrible monster" trying to steal his life. Duped by the fetch, they kill a Changeling shortly after it's returned from Arcadia. The conflict escalates, leaving multiple parties dead before the end of the year.

Saint Patricks Concord - H:tV


1941 - Father Muldoon, a priest at St. Patrick's Cathedral and known friend to the Vigil, organizes the first summit meeting of the city's hunter cells. Representatives from every cell in the five boroughs and Long Island attend the meeting to discuss strategy and make sure they're not tripping over one another. Issues between different cells, compacts, and conspiracies make it only mildly productive. It's agreed that these will be yearly meetings, but World War Two calls many of the hunters away over the next several years, so the meetings do not continue.

Beginning of the Burning hearts conflict H:tV+V:tR

10/23/1957 - 06/01/1960

1957 - One of the representatives at the yearly summit meeting is discovered to be a ghoul to one of the city's vampires. A massive conflict ignites between the organized cells and the vampires of New York. A number of the city's kindred are killed, but the toll paid by the hunters is massive. The survivors no longer trust in organizing beyond their individual cells, fearing another infiltration. In the wake of the chaos, many of the cells go to ground and become more insular and secretive in their practices.

Gluttony's temptation H:tV+Poss

02/01/1986 - 09/09/1986

1986 - A cell of Ashwood Abbey hunters known for their decadence attempt to bind a Lust demon into their service for a grand orgy. Unfortunately, the demon was also well versed in matters of Gluttony. Under the direction of the demon, the party falls into mass of cannibal excess. The last survivor of the massacre is taken as a Possessed host of the demon. Once this is discovered, a number of the city's hunters band together to take the demon down and clean the mess up.

The Rise of Peter Carlisle

02/06/1994 - 03/01/1999

1994 - Peter Carlisle, a member of the Barrett Commission, is appointed deputy mayor by Rudolph Guiliani after heavy campaign contributions and lobbying by commission members. In addition to using his position to hunt for vampiric influence in the halls of power, Carlisle begins the push to clear the homeless off the streets to reduce food supply for vampires.

The Fall of Peter Carlisle


1999 - Peter Carlisle is framed for accepting bribes and is maneuvered out of office by his vampire enemies.

Church of the Ultimate Truth gains Non-Profit Status


The Church of the Ultimate Truth is granted Non Profit status and officially recognized as a religion in the USA.

9/11 attacks on New york city


Project Valkyrie takes notice


2001 - As part of the increase in security following 9/11, two Project Valkyrie hunters are inserted as part of the National Guard contingent that regularly patrols the city. They use government resources to gather intelligence on the supernatural state of New York City.

Church of the Ultimate Truth founds 2 new churches in NYC


CoUT Churches hit record numbers of converts


CoUT Churches hit record numbers of converts, other churches and denominations claim the CoUT is a dangerous cult. Various church and civil leaders sued for the accusation.

Several churches and community centers in New York Defaced or Destroyed

03/15/2004 - 07/15/2004

Several churches and community centers in New York Defaced by "Occult" graffiti or burned to the ground, the CoUT members blamed, but no proof is ever offered.

The Union makes it's entrance


2004 - New York becomes host to a large meeting of the Union compact, hidden in the shadow of the protests of the Republican National Convention.

Reverend Arnold Miller assassinated


Rev. Arnold Miller, vocal opponent of the Church of the Ultimate Truth is assassinated during an conference with local church leaders regarding how to deal with the local CoUT and their own dwindling congregational numbers. the assassin is never found, police baffled by evidence, as the bullet supposed came from below the room the conference was being held.

Homelessness Reaches lowest point in NYC History


Homelessness as an epidemic reaches it's lowest point in New York History, with many of the local homeless going to the CoUT Outreach centers. At these Outreach centers, many of the people at these shelters are receiving Job training and assistance with low cost housing options.

When interviewed about their ex-homeless fellows, reports of brainwashing, social manipulation, threats, and violence are reported, but never proven.