Haitian Revolution Timeline

Michael Haight Saige Bergel World History Period 5


Spain brought 15,000 African slaves to island of Hispaniola


France establishes claim on parts of Hispaniola


Treaty of Ryswick - Spain cedes western third of Hispaniola to France

September 20, 1697

Failed Mackandal Rebellion


American Declaration of Independece

July 4, 1776

French Revolution begiuns


Boukman Rebellion/voodoo ceremony


Haitian Revolution/slave uprising begins

August 21, 1791

Sonthonax's decree of Emancipation

August 29, 1793

Toussaint Louverture joins French troops to fight the British and Spanish

May 1794

Napoleon takes power in France

November 9, 1799

Napoleon sends Leclerc to Saint-Domingue with thousands of troops


Toussaint issues a Constitution

February 4, 1801

Toussaint is deceived and imprisoned

May 5, 1802

Napoleon re-establishes slavery in French colonies

May 20, 1802

Tossaint dies in jail in the French Alps

April 7, 1803

Battle of Vertieres, final defeat of the French troops by Dessalines and Petion

November 18, 1803

Haitian proclamation of Independence

January 1, 1804

Dessalines proclaims himself emperor of Haiti

September 1804

Dessalines assasinated

October 17, 1806

Christophe becomes president of Haiti

February 17, 1807

Haiti invades Spanish side of Hispaniola and ends slavery there