Salem Witch Trials



Elizabeth Parris & Abigail Williams wild behavior

January 20, 1692

9 year old Elizabeth Parris & 11 year old Abigail Williams began to show strange behavior blasphemous screaming, convulsive seizures, trance-like states & mysterious spells) Within a short time, several other Salem girls began to demonstrate similar behavior.

Warrants for first 3 witches

February 29, 1692

Warrants were sent out for Tituba, the afflicted girls' washwoman, Sarah Good & Sarah Osborne.

Tituba confesses

March 1, 1692

Magistrates John Hathorne & Jonathan Corwin examined Tituba, Sarah Good, & Sarah Osborne a meeting house in Salem Village. Tituba confessed to practicing witchcraft.

Martha Corey & Rebecca Nurse

March 12, 1692 - April 3, 1692

Martha Corey is accused of witchcraft. Rebecca Nurse & Elizabeth Proctor were denounced as a witch. Sarah Cloyce, Rebecca Nurse's sister, was accused of witchcraft.

22 'witches' examined

April 19, 1692 - May 10, 1692

Abigail Hobbs, Bridget Bishop, Giles Corey, Mary Warren, Nehemiah Abbott, William, Deliverance Hobbs, Edward, Sarah Bishop, Mary Easty, Mary Black, Sarah Wildes, Mary English, Sarah Morey, Lydia Dustin, Susannah Martin, Dorcas Hoar, Burroughs, George Jacobs, Sr. and his granddaughter Margaret.

George Burroughs

May 4, 1692

Arrested in Wells, Maine.

Mary Easty released

May 18, 1692

Mary Easty was released from prison. But due to the outcries and protests of her accusers, she was arrested a second time.

Court set up of 7 judges for the innocent

May 27, 1692

Governor Phips set up a special Court of Oyer and Terminer comprised of seven judges to try the witchcraft cases. These magistrates based their judgments and evaluations on various kinds of intangible evidence, including direct confessions, supernatural attributes (such as "witchmarks") & reactions of the afflicted girls.

5 more 'witches' examined

May 31, 1692

Martha Carrier, John Alden, Wilmott Redd, Elizabeth Howe, and Phillip English were examined before Hathorne, Corwin, and Gedney.

Briget Bishop sentenced and hung

June 2, 1692 - June 10, 1692

Initial session of the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Bridget Bishop was the first to be pronounced guilty of witchcraft and condemned to death.
Bridget Bishop was hanged in Salem, the first official execution of the Salem witch trials.

5 condemned to death

June 29, 1692 - June 30, 1692

Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin, Sarah Wildes, Sarah Good and Elizabeth Howe were tried for witchcraft and condemned.

Witch Hunt led by 4 'afflicted' girls

July 19, 1692

In an effort to expose the witches afflicting his life, Joseph Ballard of nearby Andover called the aid of the accusing girls of Salem. This action marked the beginning of the Andover witch hunt.