Shadow of a Gunman

Timeline of the events that occurred in chapter 7 of The Anatomy of Motive. Created by: Seth Hayden, Erik Lyons, and the other two geniuses.




The next summer of 69 will be awesome, but will be followed by the end of the world in the winter of 69. So enjoy your summer!

Tower Shooter

Information and events relative to the tower shooter.

Who was the Shooter

August 1, 1966

Charles Joseph Whitman, a six foot tall, 198 pound, blonde, and former marine climbed the tower toting a military footlocker that contained several firearms that included rifles, shotguns and pistols.

The Death Toll

august 1,1966

In a little over a hour and a half Whitman kills 13 people and wounds many more.

Distracting The Sniper

august 1, 1966

When the Austin police arrived they assessed the situation and decided to send a plane up in the air with a sniper on board. This did little but distracted Whitman long enough for two police officers to enter the tower with a small assault team

Ending The Shooting

August 1, 1966

The two police officers make it to the top of the tower circle the UNSUB and open fire, Officer Houston McCoy shoots Whitman in the head just grazing his eyes and nose. He then runs up to Whitman grabshis shotgun and shoots him.

Why did Whitman do it?

August 1, 1966

Whitman was a very good student and graduated 7th out of 72 at his high school, his father was hard on him as a child, and one night when Whitman was drunk beat him severely. After this Whitman joined the marines as a sniper. after the Marines Whitman attended the University of Texas he flunked out and was sent back into active duty and was later stripped of rank and discharged, later his parents seperated, all this seemed to make Whitman snap

Tower Shooter

August 1,1966

A lone gunman climbs to the top of the admissions tower at the University of Texas at Austin, he climbs to 230 feet above the ground to the top of the tower and begins shooting at everything that moves

Parade Massacre

San Antonio Texas Parade Turns into a blood bath

The shooter

April 27, 1979

Upon entering the mobile home they found 64 year old Ira Attebury dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. He had 15 weapons , nine rifles, four .38 caliber revolvers, a double barreled shotgun, and a semiautomatic pistol. it was reported that he had enough ammo to start a war

Its coming from the Winnebago

April 27, 1979

The heavily armed gunman was held up inside a green and white Winnebago and was constantly firing at anything that moved for a half a hour. Finally the SWAT team surrounded him and opened fire

The Fiesta Battle of Flowers Parade

april 27, 1979

A lone gunman opens fire on approximately 5000 people forcing them all to take cover behind whatever they could find. Two people were killed instantly Ida Long and Amaila Castillo. Fifty other people were wonded

Why Did He do It

April 27,1979

He was a retired truck driver, who had been a loner all his life. He covered his windows so no one could see inside his house, and even bout his own grave marker 4 years before his attack. He was involved in a car accident a few months prior and this is the suspected reason for the attack

McDonalds Shooter

A gunman shoots up a McDonalds in southern california

The Victims

July 18,1984

His youngest victim was just 8 months old and the oldest was 74

The Massacre

July 18,1984

41 year old James Oliver walks into a McDonalds in San Ysirdo California and opens fire with a 12 gauge pump shotgun, a 9mm uzi, and a 9mm semiautomatic browning pistol.

The Aftermath

July 18, 1984

In a little over a hour Oliver killed 21 people and wounded 19 others, and finally committed suicide by SWAT team with a bullet straight through the chest.

Why Kill?

July 18, 1984

Olivers father suggested the reason that he had snapped and decided to take some many lives waqs because his tough time as a child, he had polio and had to wear braces which left him with a different way of walking. His wife said it was McDonalds faullt because the amount of Monosodium Glutamate reacted with the lead and cadmium built up in his body from his career as a welder

Plane Hijacking Gone Wrong

Samuel Joseph Byck tries to hijack a airplane and fly it into the white house

The Attempt

February 22,1974

After Byck lost everything important to him, he bought a .22 caliber pistol made a homemade bomb, and went to Baltimore-Washington Airport. At the security checkpoint he killed Charles Ramsburg the security guard. He then continued on to board flight 523.

The End

February 22, 1974

Finally police officer Charles Taylor shoots Byck with the dead security guards .357 that he was trying to shoot the tires out with. When Byck was shot he immediately turned his gun on himself taking his life

Samuel Joseph Byck

february 22, 1974

Samuel Joseph Byck sent a list of grievances to President Nixon and threatened to take action if not met with a response, he was arrested twice for picketing in front of the white house. He was admittedd for physicatri evalutation, but he was stable as long as his life had structure, such as a wife, job, or a home life. His marriage broke up, and lost his job. This was the breaking point for Byck

Coming Apart at the Seams

February 22, 1974

Byck takes a female hostage into the cockpit to threaten the pilots with, but still the answer is the plane cant be moved. He then shoots both pilots wounding them, and leaves to get another hostage. The result is still the same, he then shoots both pilots killing one and fatally wounding another

This is Where it Goes Bad

February 22, 1974

When Byck boarded the plane there were already 8 passengers on board along with the pilot and co pilot. He then oredered the door shut and went to the cockpit. He then ordered the pilots to fly the plane, but they couldn't becasue the wheels were chocked.

John Lennons Death

The death of John Lennon

Chapman Shoots Lennon

December 8,1980

Mark David Chapman Shot John Lennon outisde of the Dakota Hotel after Reading the Novel The Catcher In The Rye

Sniper Serial Killer

Joesph Paul Frankilin

October 28, 1980

Frankiln was a serial killer that bombed jewish synagouges, killed many different races, but normally targeted blacks. He continued his spree by robbing banks, and convient stores. He was finaly caught when he donated plasma in Florida

The Presidnet is Dead

John F. Kennedy is assasinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswald

November 22, 1963

Lee Harvey Oswald killed president John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas