Middle East 1945-1975


Jordan gains indepence


Arab Nations attack Israel

1948 - 1949

Arab nations launch an uncoordinated attack on Israel after it declares its independence. However, Israel managed to avoid being driven into the sea and even expands their territory over the original UN partition plan before an armistice was signed.

Israel declares independence

May 14, 1948

The State of Israel declares its independence after the British Mandate expires. The surrounding Arab nations invaded the new State of Israel, afterward, they prohibit trade with Israel

Israel invades Egypt

October 1956 - November 1956

Egypt closes the Suez Canal and the Strait of Tiran to Israel. Israel invades Egypt and takes over Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula with the support of France and Britain.

Kuwait gains its independence


Syria gains it independence

September 29, 1961

UN Resolution 242


UN Resolution 242 - calls for a return of the territory seized by Israel, recognition of Israel by the Arab states, a reaffirmation of the principle of free navigation, and for future peace and stability in the region.

The Six-Day War

June 5, 1967 - June 10, 1967

Libya gains its independence.

September 1, 1969

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates gain their independence.


Bahrain gains its independence.

August 14, 1971

Oil Embargo

1973 - 1974

Middle Eastern states placed an oil embargo on those nations they saw as favoring Israel in their policies. It ended in early 1974 and was detrimental to the economies of the nations it was placed upon.

Yom Kippur War

October 6, 1973 - October 15, 1973

On Yom Kippur, Egyptian and Syrian armies entered Israel. Within a week, Israel mobilized its reserve forces and drove the Arab armies back.

UN ends Yom Kippur War

October 22, 1973 - October 23, 1973

UN Resolutions 338 and 339 call for an end to the Yom Kippur War.