The Timeline of the Olympic Games


The First Ancient Olympic Games (776 BC)

776 BC

The first ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia. These Games, which were held in honor of Zeus, were a series of athletic events among representatives of the city-states of Ancient Greece.

Supression of the Ancient Olympic Games (426 AD)

426 AD

The Games were suppressed in a campaign to make Christianity the state religion in accordance with the decree promulgated by Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II.

The Founding of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) (1894 AD)

1894 AD

The IOC was formed by French aristocrat Pierre de Coubertin.

The Revival of the Olympic Games (1896 AD)

1896 AD

The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens. These Games included 225 male athletes from 14 nations competing in 43 events.

Female Athletes Allowed to Compete (1912)

1912 AD

The first female athletes were allowed to compete in the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden.

The First Winter Olympic Games (1924 AD)

1924 AD

The first Winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix, France. These Games included 258 athletes from 16 nations competing in 16 events.

The First Summer Youth Olympic Games (2010)


The first Summer Youth Olympic Games were held in Singapore. These Games included 3,517 athletes from 205 nations competing in 201 events.

The First Winter Youth Olympic Games (2012 AD)


The first Summer Youth Olympic Games were held in Austria. These Games included 1,059 athletes from 70 nations competing in 63 events.