Section 3: End of the War


The Last year of the War

The U.S. Joins the War


This is the year that the U.S.A. joined the war and greatly helped out the Allies. The may have possibly even brought them to victory with a much needed psychological boost, as well as fresh troop and material.

A Bad Year for the Allies

November, 1917

This year was not a good one for the allies. Allied offensives on the Western Front were a disaster after Russia withdrew from the war.

A New German Offensive

Ludendorff's Military Gamble

March, 1918

In March Ludendorff launched a British attack on Paris however they were stopped at the second Battle of the Marne on July 18th. French, Moroccan and American troops supported by hundreds of tanks threw the Germans back over the Marne.

Ludendorff Gives Up

September 1918

On September 29, 1918, General Ludendorff informed German leaders that the war was lost and demanded the government to ask for peace at once.

Collapse and Armistice

Kiel Mutinies

November 3, 1918

Sailors in the town of Kiel in northern Germany, mutinied. Within days, councils of workers and soldiers were forming throughout northern Germany and taking over civilian and military offices.

William II leaves the Country

November 9, 1918

William II gives into the public pressure and leaves the country.

Signing of a Truce

November 11, 1918

The government signed a truce stating that they would stop fighting once and for all.

The Peace Settlements

End to the Great War

January 1919

27 victorious Allied nations met in Paris to make a final settlement of the Great War.

The Paris Peace Conference


In early 1919 delegates met in Paris to determine the peace settlement. However it became obvious that nations were making secret treaties and agreements.

The League of Nations

January 25, 1919

the conference accepted the idea of the league of nations. Americans were the ones who originally came up with the idea but Wilson decided not to join in on it because he believed that not joining it could later fix any unfair settlements.

Signing of The Treaty of Versailles

June 18, 1919

This final peace settlement of Paris consisted of the five separate treaties with the defeated nations- Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey.l The treaty of Versailles with Germany signed at Versailles near Paris on June 28, 1919 was by far the most important.