World War 1 section 2

This war changed the face of Europe and how people fought wars. With the help of the Industrial Revolution the war became longer and deadlier then people first thought.


People thought their men would be home sooner then planned

1815 - 1914

1815 most European wars ended in a matter of weeks. That’s why many citizens World War 1 was going to do the same.

Countries eager for war


In 1914 leaders of countries were eager to go to war with the world. It was due to their propaganda, to spread political ideas and to protect their homelands from aggressive aggressors.

Soldiers boarded trains for the war


August 1914 soldiers boarded trains for the war, jubilant citizens showered them in flowers as the soldiers left, they hoped that the soldiers be home before Christmas.

The Eastern Front

Italy attacks Austria


Italy attacked Austria, one of its fellow Triple Alliance members, in May 1915. Later Italy was part of the team that included France, Great Britain, and Russia, this concluded the Triple Entente.

Bulgaria joins the war


Germany and Austria after defeating the Russian army attacked Serbia’s army, they were joined with Bulgaria.

1916-1917: The Great Slaughter

During those two years millions were killed by the war tactics of coming out of your trench and running toward your enemy. Soldiers were killed by this because while you were running you could have been bombed or shot down by your enemy.

The Power of Trenches


By 1916 trenches were a great strategy, systems underground for defense. They were 30 yards wide. Machine guns and gun batteries filled the trenches. Men lived in holes in the ground. It was called “no man’s – land.

The Battle of Verdan


At Verdun in 1916 700,000 young men lost their lives between a couple miles of land in Verdan. This made World War 1 a “War of Attrition”.

War in the Air

At the beggining, planes were just used for locating the enemy but at the end of the World War 1 it was connected to machine guns which helped kill the enemy in air or the ground.

Planes comes into the air


Widening the war

The Ottoman Empire comes into the War


The Ottoman Empire came into the war on the side of the Germans since august 1914.

The European war becomes a World conflict


In 1917 the war was more a world conflict then when it started when it was between just the European countries.

British Egyption troops beats the Ottomine Empire


1918 British forces from Egypt defeated the Ottoman Empire of the Middle East.

The Entry of the United States

Lusitania sinks


May 7, 1915 the British ship Lusitania was sunk down, it killed 1100 civilians including 100 Americans. Germany didn’t want to make the US upset so they moved their battle grounds

Back to Unrestricted Submarine use by the Germans


When the German emperor was advised by Admiral Holtzendorf he got rid of unrestricted submarine use, it led to the USA getting involved in April 1917.

USA Brings Heavy Troops to the War


The USA did not send huge troops until 1918.

The Home Front: The Impact of Total War

Countries and how they were effected by the war.

Leaders keeping the positive side to the War


By 1916 many people were starting to oppose the war. The governments of all the countries were trying to give positive reinforcement to keep the people’s support. Even President Woodrow Wilson of the USA made the quote, “Who remain to till the soil and man the factories are no less a part of the army then the men beneath the battle flags.”

Britain gave the right to vote for women


Countries were giving more rights to women for their help during World War 1.

Women being unemployed at the end of the war.


By 1919 as the war was coming to a close 650,000 women would find them unemployed. Countries wanted their men to have thier old jobs back and women, that once had to work the factories were asked to step down.