Donato Edmund Antoine Miller

This is a character associated with Mind's Eye Society. All works are fictional. Thank you, have a nice day.

World History

Jamestown established


30 Years' War

1618 - 1648

Involved most of central and northern Europe

Galileo Imprisoned


Mostly due to thinly veiled insulting of the Pope in his treatise promoting heliocentrism.

World War I

1914 - 1918

World War II

1939 - 1945

Cold War

1945 - 1989




Born into a relatively wealthy family in Durazzo, Donato never lacked for anything during
his life. An only child, it was expected by all that he would one day follow into the family

Six Years Old


He could
name every part of a ship from stem to stern,
understand the shorthand used in the logbooks to record the contents of the ships,
and haggle a grown man for all he was worth.



In a beautiful ceremony aboard his father's finest ship, the Patria, Donato married Serena before they sailed away on their honeymoon

Armando is born


Piotr and Gema are born




One night, as he was traveling home after completing a difficult deal, he rounded
a corner and was confronted by a white handkerchief lying on the ground, covered in


The dark years

09/13/1663 - 1713

These fifty years were filled with glutting on mortals, fleeing the wrath
of his prey’s kin, and sinking ever deeper into the clutches of the beast within. Were it
not for the actions of Hallveig Jólgeirrssdóttir and her Childe, he would no doubt be dead,
or, if not dead, something worse than death.

Meeting Hallveig


Becky Blackburn

Starting to work for the Night Market


His time as a smuggler is noticed by one Lodewijk Van Tollenaar (James O'Neil US2010066139) of the First Estate. This is what gets him to really start finding out where the lacrima is coming from the world over....and brings him one step closer to finding Darling.


1803 - 1841


Training under Darling

1848 - 1863

After finding Darling he begins training under him/her for 15 years, learning the secrets of how to change the way the bloodwine tastes and affects Kindred.

Joined the Invictus



Setting up his shipping routes

1724 - 1743

After leaving the care of Hallveig, he decided to go back to what he had known...ships. He watched and listened for years as he began creating a small operation in (blah location). As time passed, he began to hear rumors about an exceptionally skilled smuggler by the name of (TBD). Intrigued, he followed up on the information and found his first ghoul.

With the help of (TBD), Donny's empire began to blossom out on the sea. (TBD) was exceptionally skilled in finding, and convincing the right sorts of people to work with them, though Donny was by far more skilled at determining the prices that must be paid for their services.

Expanding towards the new world

1743 - 1754

Spreading his resources thin at first, he began to grow his smuggling empire. Mostly, he did not control the local efforts, though he did learn enough information to bring down several high ranking officials all over the world. He found which officials could be bribed, which ones needed to be silenced, and which ones had to be distracted and passed the information to the various groups working under him.

Most of his information came from simply looking at what the officials bought and had shipped to them, other times he had to resort to spies among the servants of the official in question. He spread this methods to the groups beneath him and allowed them to follow their own aspirations, stopping them short when they wanted to fight over possession of crucial aspects of the operations and resolving disputes when they did happen.

Much of his time here was spent trying to find fellow kindred willing to assist him in maintaining his hold, ones who would like nothing more than to control their own local areas and not be held accountable for the larger reaching aspect of his empire.

In the end, the humans created the avenues more so than he did. Their collective ingenuity doing more to cause the success of the endeavor than he ever could have.

Lucrenzia Le Jumel


Brought her from Japan to the United States on

Andrea Zander



After gaining a strong connection to various shipping groups, he begins to enact his plan to lead him to Darling. He finds his first lacrimalist and strikes a deal to begin shipping them around the world.

Setting up Train systems in Iowa

1863 - 1870

Steven Foley & Co.


Justin Taylor

Matt Hamman

Skyllar Robben

Ben Noack

Establishing a foothold in airplane usage

1950 - 1968