The Book Thief



1938 - 1944

Intro to Death finding Liesel Meminger attending her brothers funeral before arriving to Molching, Germany


Arrival in Molching, Germany


Hans Hubermann: Develops a bond with Liesel, makes her stay more comfortable and teaches her how to read and write.

Whipped by a German soldier for giving an elderly Jewish man bread. Punished by being drafted into the army but returns when his leg is broken.

Sends Max away for his own safety

Rosa Hubermann: Lets Liesel help with her job of laundry, makes it her job to drop off and pick up laundry after the war starts hoping to not lose customers.

Recieves two books for Christmas

Meets Hans Jr., a Hitlerite, failed to get into the Nazi Party, who says Liesel should read Mein Kampf.


The Grave Digger's Handbook


The first book Liesel stole from a gravediggers apprentice to keep as a memory of her brother

Book Burning

April 1940

Liesel steals her second book and it is witnessed by Ilsa Hermann

The Standover Man

February 1941

A book that Max writes for Liesel as she is caring for him.



Contains a letter to Liesel from ilsa saying that she should consider knocking on the front door instead of going through the window to get books. Liesel continues to go through the window and is intercepted by ilsa one time.

The Word Shaker


A gift to Liesel from Max after he leaves Molching, it is a journal he wrote to pass time while in the basement.

A short illustrated fable that serves as an allegory for Nazi Germany and the power of words.


Rudy Steiner

1940 - 1944

Meets Liesel by being her next door neighbor and they become friends.

Described as the typical German boy but doesn't support the Nazis, smart and athletic he was recruited by them but didn't go.

Helps Liesel steal books from Ilsa Hermann's library. Often teases her and asks for a kiss.

Dies in Himmel Street Bombing, Liesel then gives him a kiss.

Max Vanderburg


Contacts Hans Hubermann, Max's Jewish father saved him in the first World War.

Lives in the Hubermann household under the basement stairs hidden by a sheet and paint cans and is taken care of and befriended by Liesel.

Becomes very ill in the winter of 1942, Liesel tends to him and he eventually becomes well again.

Sent away by Max for his own safety

Seen by Liesel in a parade of Jews being directed towards

Frau Holtzapfel

1941 - 1944

Hubermann's neighbor who liesel begins reading to in exchange for her coffee ration and to stop spitting on the door when she walks by.

Alex Steiner


Rudy's father, drafted because he didnt send his son to special school.