Giovanni Loredan Background

This timeline is about a fictional character in an equally fictional live action role-playing game. The material deals with the Mind's Eye Society's 2013 chronicle for Vampire: The Requiem


Giovanni's Birth

Sep 13 1519

Born in the capital city of the Most Serene Republic of Venice.

Diplomatic Mission to the Papal States

1534 - 1539

Diplomatic Mission to the Ottoman Empire

1539 - 1552

Frequent work in the Principality of Wallachia and the surrounding areas.



Sired to Alexei Philatova, Noble-born Muscovite Diplomat

Diplomatic Mission to the Grand Duchy of Muscovy

1552 - 1569

Accompanied Sire to Muscovy under guise of Diplomatic envoy from Venice

Domestic Assignment to Venice

1569 - 1583

First Torpor

1650 - 1750

Left Europe for the New World


As La Serenissima began to decline, Giovanni made his way to the United States in an effort to find a replacement for the wonder of the Venetian Republic in it's glory days.

Arrived in the New World

June 1786

Following a 8 weeks, 3 day land-to-land journey, the ship reached the New World on a steady wind. Arriving in Boston, Giovanni took advantage of the resources saved from his family's estate and his sire's planning, he payed his way off the ship within the first week.

Summoned back to Europe by Sire

1808 - 1809

Giovanni's Sire summoned him back to Europe. While there, he was introduced to his Sire's newest Ghoul, Nichlaus Roht (Played by Skyllar Robben, US2006078100).

Second Torpor

1830 - 1850

Giovanni sleeps while on the East Coast.

Giovanni Settles in Fort Dodge, Iowa


Giovanni and a few kindred companions settled in Fort Dodge after fleeing the turmoil and violence of the East Coast.

Founds Fort Dodge Plaster Mills


Works with George Ringland, Webb Vincent and Stillman T. Meservey, all Kine, to found a company to mine and prepare Gypsum for commercial sale.

Claims Micro-Praxis of Fort Dodge


Praxis boundaries cover Webster County Iowa and areas of surrounding counties.

Ventrue Priscus

1911 - 1940

Enters torpor to retreat from the Tyrant Prince Walton

Gives up Praxis to ensure Peace


Gives Praxis to Solomon Pierre L'Enfant, Gangrel Invictus, to ensure peace in Northern Iowa. Received boons and guarantee of Perpetual Stewardship of the area.

Third Torpor

1960 - 1970

Giovanni sleeps out the Tyrant Prince

Builds La Serenissima Theater

1985 - 1990

Builds La Serenissima Theater in Fort Dodge to 'celebrate' the Tyrant Prince Walton's 25th year on the throne of Northern Iowa.

Location of La Serenissima:

Keeper of Elysium

1990 - 2013

Given position of Master of Elysiums by Prince Gutierrez as part of the post-Tyrant government.

Kindred Ties

Met Alexei Philatova


Noble-born Muscovite Ambassador to the Principality of Wallachia during the second reign of Vlad Tepes.

Meets Atilio


Played my Dominic Foxworthy, US2004122501

Met Donato Edmund Antoine Miller


Played by Brandon Windus (US2011118184)

Met Nichlaus Roht


Meets Nichlaus while he is still a Ghoul to Giovanni's Sire. Nichlaus Roht is played by Skyllar Robben (US2006078100)

Meets Utnapishtim (Tim)


Played by Vito D'Agosta (US2011037509)

Meets Solomon Pierre L'Enfant


Played by Micheal Lokken (US2010035656)

Joins House Drood


Joins L'Enfant in the formation of House Drood, an Invictus house. Claims title of Nightshade (Speaker) of House Drood.

Attends Gala Opening of St. Louis Arch


Thrown by Prince Atilio of St. Louis (Played by Dominic Foxworthy, US2004122501)

Joined House Sovereign


Joined Ventrue House Sovereign, headed by Stephen Foley, Carthian Ventrue.

Venetian History

War of the League of Cambrai

1508 - 1516

Doge Leonardo Loredan Dies

June 21, 1521

Doge Loredan is Giovanni's Uncle

Papal Interdict on Venice

Apr 1606 - Apr 1607

Fifth Ottoman-Venetian War

1645 - 1669

Resulted in Ottoman Victory, Loss of Crete, Gains in Dalmatia

Treaty of Campo Formio

Oct 18 1797

Ended the Most Serene Republic of Venice. The territory of the Republic was divided between the French Republic and the Austrian Empire.