Conflict, Capitalism, and Copernicanism


Nicholas Copernicus

1473 - 1543

A scientist who challenged the medieval idea of the universe by presenting a new look at the cosmos with the Sun in the center. Leader of the Copernicanism.

Turkish siege of Vienna/introduction of Coffee


Coffee was introduced to Turkey and Arabia

Galileo Galilei

1564 - 1642

Further developed the astronomy through the usage of the telescope to observe stars, planets, and moons.

Slave Trade


Around 17th century, slave trade is America was commonly found.

Katib Chelebi

1608 - 1657

Wrote the Balance of Truth

The Starry Messenger


Galileo's report of his observations.

Jan van Riebeeck

1619 - 1677

Holland authority who came to Americas to settle and take over the land of the natives

Margaret Cavendish

1623 - 1673

A woman scientist and philosopher relocated human's place in the nature again.

King Louis XIV

1638 - 1715

French king who actively opened a trade route in Asia

Maria Winkelmann

1670 - 1720

A woman astronomer who discovered an unidentified comet.