The Life Of Cody Charles Carson



January 9, 1989

Cody Charles Carson was born in Tampa, Florida.

Cody begins to play the clarinet

August 2000

This was the very beginning of Cody's music career. He followed his parents in the orchestral arts and took up the clarinet in middle school.

Cody graduates high school

May 2007

Cody graduated from a local high school in his hometown of Tampa.

Cody begins college

September 2007

Cody began college in Ohio soon after graduating high school. He was majoring in the orchestral arts.

Cody performs with the band, All Time Low

May 2 2008

Cody got the chance to play with a fairly popular band, All Time Low. This performance spread the word around about Cody's talent and he started to get recognition.

Cody's father gave him his blessing to live out his dream

May 3 2008

The day after Cody performed with All Time Low, he called home to talk to his father about pursuing his dream to be in a rock band. His father gave him his blessing, though he'd always wanted his son to follow the same orchestral path on the clarinet.

Cody's band, Set It Off, is founded

July 26 2008

Cody had begun his band, Set It Off, with a few of his friends.

Set It Off self-releases their first EP

October 31 2008

Cody and his band self-released their first EP, "Baby, You Don't Tripajaharda", containing six tracks.

Cody's father, James Charles Carson, passes away

December 2008

Cody's father, James Charles Carson, was very ill with cancer. Cody flew back home immediately to Florida, only to find he was already gone. His father happened to leave a note on the fridge of their family house. It read, " There's no shortcuts to success." Cody was already familiar with this note. His father used to keep one just like it to encourage Cody to keep practicing for his school band. Cody now lives by this phrase, and plans to tattoo it in honor of his father.

Set It Off self-releases their second EP

May 16 2009

Wasting no time after their first EP, Set It Off self-released a second EP entitled, "Calm Before the Storm". Like their first EP, this one also included six tracks.

Cody drops-out of college

September 2009

Cody made a very tough decision to drop-out of college to put all of his time into his music career and future with Set It Off.

Set It Off gets signed to Equal Vision Records

July 19 2011

After three years of hard work that Cody put into his band, it all pays off. Set It Off was finally signed to a major record label, Equal Vision Records.

Set It Off releases their third EP through Equal Vision Records

August 20 2011

Set It Off's third EP entitled, "Horrible Kids", was a success. After just being released through their record company, the EP debuted in the top 100 Alternative Albums on iTunes.

Set It Off releases their debut full-length album

September 18 2012

Cody and the band finally released their debut full-length album through Equal Vision Records. The album was entitled, "Cinematics". The album featured twelve beautiful, easy to relate to songs.