Divided Kingdom


Jeroboam I

930 BC - 909 BC

Led a revolt against Solomon


909 BC - 908 BC

He was Jeroboam's son; he did evil in God's eyes and was killed by Baasha.


908 BC - 886 BC

He killed Nadab in order to become king, killed all of Joeroboam's family, did evil in the eyes of the Lord, and was at war with King Asa of Judah.


886 BC - 885 BC

He was Baasha's son; while he was drunk, he was killed by one of his own officials.


885 BC - 880 BC

He reigned along with Omri because half the people wanted him as king. He died, and Omri became the sole king.


885 BC - 874 BC

Half of the kingdom wanted him as king. When Tibni died, he became the sole king. He was more evil than any king before him.


885 BC

He killed Baasha in order to become king, killed all of Baasha's family, set his own palace on fire, and burned to death. The people did not want him as king after they heard that he had murdered Elah and his family.


874 BC - 853 BC

Ahab was Omri's son. He became Israel's most wicked king. He married Jezebel, daughter of the king of Tyre.



930 BC - 913 BC

He listened to poor advice, and the kingdom was divided.


913 BC - 910 BC

He defeated the Israelites after calling upon God for deliverance.


910 BC - 869 BC

He was primarily a good king who walked in God's ways. In later years, however, he did not rely on God for his physical needs.