By: Shaina and Aliie


The Battle of Medway

June 1,1043

The Batte of Medway was 4 miles south of itishRochester, Kent ,England. It was agent the British and the Roman. The Britishes 2 generals were togodumnus and caratacus. The Romans 5 Generals were Plautius, Galba, Sabinus, Geta, and Vespasian.

The Battle of Rossbach

November 5, 1757

It took place in the west of Saxony. King Fredrick II of Prussia army. Austrian Field Marshall Prince Joseph Friedrich Von Sachsen-Hiledburghausen.

The Battle of the Long Island

August 27, 1776

It took place in New York, USA. It was against the British and the American Continental Army.

The Battle of Harlem Heights

September 16, 1776

It took place in Manhattan Island, New York, USA. Small forces of Americans and British.

The Battle of the White Plains

October 28,1776 - 1783

Took place in New York. It was against the British and the Americans. The size of the British Army was 13,000 and the size of the American Army was 14,500.

The Battle of Nile

August 1,1798 - August 2,1798

Took place in the East of Alexandria off the cost of Egypt in the Mediterranean. It was against the British and the French.

The Battle of Assaye

September 5,1803

It took place in the Central India. The Genrals were Major Genral Arthur Wellesley and Genral Madhaji Scindia.

Battle of Ladysmith

October 29,1899

It took place in the northern Natal in South Africa. It was the British against the Boers. And the generals Lieutenant General Sir George white against General Joubert.