Texas History

Early Texas: Prehistory to 1800

Native American groups settled in Northeast Texas

700 BC

Archaic Indians lived in Texas

600 BC

Cabeza de Vaca's expedition led by Panfilio de Narnaez reached Texas


Coronodo returned from search for "Seven Cities of Gold"


Missionaries established European settlements and missions from Spain in Texas

1682 - 1793

La Salle landed on southeast coast of Texas


La Salle returned to area with group of French colonists


Thereafter built fort St. Louis on Garcitas Creek

La Salle was murdered by his own men


Spainiards started to build missions in East Texas


They did this to protect their claim of the land from the French

Alamo was built


Was built as a midway point to the missions in East Texas

The Espiritu Santo mission was founded


This mission became a state park in 1749

Mexican Texas and the Texas Revolution (1800-1835)

Mexico declared their liberty from Spain

September 16, 1810

It wasn't until 1821 where they gained independence

Moses Austin came to San Antonio

January 1821

He came to ask Mexico's permission to bring Americans into Texas.

The town of VIctoria was founded


Was founded by 2 Tejanos, Dona Patricia de la Garza De Leon and her husband Martin De Leon

Mexican congress passed the decree of April 6, 1830

April 6, 1830

the decree stated that no more Americans could enter Texas.

Texans met in San Felipe


They met to prepare a constitution that separated Texas from Coahuila

Stephen Austin called delagates to Washington on the Brazos


Texas Revolution started

October 1835

First shot was fired in Gonzales

Sam Houston sent James Bowie with a small force to San Antonio

January 1836

Travis arrived with more men on February 3rd

Santa Anna arrived in San Antonio with 2,000 soldiers

February 23, 1836

32 volunteers from Gonzales arrived at the Alamo

March 1, 1836

Delagates signed the Texas declaration of independence

March 2, 1836

All of the Alamo defenders were dead

March 6, 1836

Santa Anna sent all of the survivors (women, children, slaves) away

Santa Anna arrived in Harrisburg

April 17, 1836

Santa Anna went there because he was after Texas officials there. When Santa Anna arrived, the town was deserted except for the newspaper printers of the Telegraph and Texas Register, Gail Borden's newspaper.

Texans had a skirmish with the Mexicans near the San Jacinto river

April 20, 1836

Santa Anna thought he had cut off the Texas army from the government so then he went to the San Jacinto river. Sam Houston heard of this then hid and waited for them.

The battle of San Jacinto

April 21, 1836

The battle didn't last but 18 minutes, but it was the last of the Texas revolution, meaning Texas was free. Santa Anna didn't get found until the next day and was wearing a soldier uniform, the Texans soon found out who he was when some mother Mexican soldiers called him their president. Santa Anna then asked to see Sam Houston. Everyone wanted him hanged, but there was a bargain made that instead of him being killed, he had to write a letter that ordered the Mexicans to retreat.

The Repubic Of Texas (1836-1845)

The town of Houston became the capital of Texas


Sam Houston's first presidency

October 22, 1836 - 1838

Mirabeau B. Lamar was elected second president of the Republic of Texas

1838 - 1841

The Texas capital was moved from Houston to Austin


Sam Houston's Second Term

1841 - 1844

Anson Jones presidency

1844 - 1846

The Mexican War

1846 - 1848

First battles took place near Brownsville

the Mexican War

1846 - 1848

the fist 2 battles took place in Brownsville

The State constitution was signed making Texas the 28th state

February 19, 1846

Signed by president James K. Polk

The 28th State (1846-1875)

the Mexican War

1846 - 1848

the first 2 battles took place in Brownsville

The treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo ending the Mexican War was signed

February 2, 1848

Most of Texas voted to join the Confedarate states

March 1861

Confedarate states surrendered

April 1865

Texas did not receive this news right away

The last battle of the Civil War

May 13, 1865

Last battle also took place near Brownsville, at Palmito Ranch.

The Texas Constitution was finished


The Red River wars ended

June 1875

Another constitution was written


Many people disliked the amount of power the government was given, this is why another constitution was written

The 20th century and beyond (1900-)

The 1900s storm took place in Galveston

September 8, 1900 - September 9, 1900

This storm is considered the most devastating storm in the nation's history and killed nearly 6,000 people

The Permian Basin was developed

1920 - 1929

The Great Depression


Marion "Dad" Joiner brought a new well near Henderson, Texas


The Civilian Conservation Corps provided jobs for 50,000 Texans

1933 - 1942

The workers helped improve conditions of farming, did work in forestry, and also built parks

The US entered World War II

December 1941

The civil rights movement brought rights to all Texans


The Lyndon B Johnson Space Center opened


This center is for astronaut training and is mission control for every flight