history of animation


First flipbook ever created!


patented by John Barnes Linnett, he patented it under the name kineograph.

Creation of the Praxinoscope


Invented in 1877 by Charles-Émile Reynaud. it was made by using strips of picture around the inside of a circle, and a set of mirrors on another circle inside the original. when the wheel turns the pictures move. praxinoscope is the successor of the zoetrope.

One of the First Motion Picture Film Cameras Made


The date of the first movie camera is unknown. The one made by Louis Le Prince was definitely one of the first. He used a single lens camera and Eastmans paper film. They wouldnt give him a patent for his single lens camera due to an interfering patent. He was granted a patent for his 16 lens camera that combined a motion picture camera with a projector

Stop Motion Animation


Albert E. Smith and J. Stuart Blackton were the first to use stop motion animation in 1898 when they created The Humpty Dumpty Circus.

Sherlock Homes Baffled


Arthur Marvin was the first to use Arthur Conan Doyle's detective character in a short feature film. Since the show includes a detective it is also considered the first detective film recorded. The show has a running time of 30 seconds which is a short film.

J. Stuart Blackton Directs Humorous Phases of Funny Faces


This was one of the first films that used stop-motion. It is a silent film that was produced by J. Stuart Blackton in 1906

Humorous phases of funny faces.


J. Stuart Blackton made the first animated film which he called "Humorous phases of funny faces." His method was to draw comical faces on a blackboard and film them. He would stop the film, erase one face to draw another, and then film the newly drawn face.

Émile Cohl Releases Fantasmagorie


This film was released in 1908 and was considered one of the first fully animated films ever made. It was made using 700 drawings and had a running time of only 2 minutes

little nemo


Winsor McCay produced an animation sequence using his comic strip character "Little Nemo."

Gertie the Dinosaur


Gertie the Dinosaur was released in 1914 by Winsor McCay. It was not the first animated film but is considered the first cartoon that had a character with an appealing personality. It was made using key frame animation and it has a running time of 12 minutes

Walt Disney Brings Out Alice's Wonderland


Alice's Wonderland was the first Disney film featuring Alice. It was a black and white, silent film with a running time of 12 minutes and 29 seconds

Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio Opens


The Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio was founded on October 16,1923 by Walt and Roy Disney. The company was opened during the "silent era", and the creation of the Alice Comedies began

Mickey Mouse is Introduced


Mickey Mouse was introduced and voiced by Walt Disney in 1928 after he lost his character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Mickey's first debut was in Plane Crazy. The first Mickey cartoon with sound was Steamboat Willie

Betty Boop Introduced


Betty Boop made her first appearance in 1930 in a cartoon called Dizzy Dishes. She was created by Max Fleischer with help from various animators. The film series was produced by Fleischer Studios and then released by Paramount Pictures

Tom and Jerry


Tom and Jerry were first introduced in 1931 by Van Beuren in a short film called Wot a Night, lasting 8 minutes and 19 seconds. The series only lasted 2 years. In 1940 Joseph Barbera and William Hanna re-created the series using a cat and a mouse.

Jurassic Park Creates Realistic Animals


In 1993 the first Jurassic Park film was released. It was praised for its use of CGI and being able to create realistic animals

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


In 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs became the first full-length animated movie. It was also the first produced in full color and the first to be produced by Walt Disney

Elbert Tuganov Founds Puppet Animation Division


After his staff grew to 20, it was decided that puppets would make their way into his studio. He made a number of films for both adults and children.

The Smurfs are Introduce by Pierre Culliford


Pierre Culliford introduced the Smurfs first in a comic strip in a Belgian magazine, Spirou. Later it was translated into English and was made into a childrens cartoon by the Hanna-Barbera Productions

the simpsons


the simpsons started as spots on the Tracey Ullman Show.

best animated short


John Lasseter, William Reeves, Pixar, first computer animated film to win an Academy Award for best Animated Short Grossed over $300 million and proved that animation was not limited to a children's audience.

Cartoon Network


Cartoon Network starts in 2 million homes, by 1995 in 22 million.

Toy Story Begins


toy Story was released in 1995 by Disney/Pixar. It was the first Disney/Pixar film made, as well as the first feature film made entirely with CGI (computer-generated imagery) basically meaning, it was made 100% on the computer.

they all merge together!


The merger of Time Warner and Turner brings Warner Bros. Feature, TV, and Classic Animation, Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network, plus a couple of others under one roof.