Timeline of the Past



4600000000 BCE - 541000000 BCE



4568000000 BCE - 4030000000 BCE


4030000000 BCE - 2420000000 BCE


2420000000 BCE - 541000000 BCE


541000000 BCE - 0 BCE


Earth Created

4600000000 BCE

The Earth was created after the Sun due to accretion of leftover particles and debris.


4500000000 BCE

Ribozymes appear.

Early Atmosphere Formed

4100000000 BCE

Early atmosphere formed consisting of mainly hydrogen.


4100000000 BCE

RNA world. Organic compounds and proteins began to form after RNA could catalyze amino acid polymerization.


4000000000 BCE

Protobionts evolve from primitive life.


3800000000 BCE

Atmospheric water condenses into oceans.


3700000000 BCE

Organisms start using photosynthesis to gather energy from the sun.

First Prokaryote

3500000000 BCE

Single-celled organisms called prokaryotes evolve from primitive lifeforms such as the protobiont.

Second Atmosphere Formed

3400000000 BCE

Due to outgassing from volcanoes, Earth's second atmosphere consisted mainly of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.


3000000000 BCE

Water as source of Hydrogen

3000000000 BCE

Water is first used as a source of hydrogen.

Prokaryotes Evolve

2500000000 BCE


2500000000 BCE

Endosymbiosis is a mutually beneficial relationship when one organism enters another and lives there.

Great Oxygenation Event

2400000000 BCE

The Great Oxygenation Event was the biologically caused appearance of oxygen in Earth's atmosphere.

Oxygen Appear in Atmosphere

2300000000 BCE

Oxygen becomes a part of Earth's atmosphere.

First Multicellular Organisms

2100000000 BCE

The first multicellular organisms were a colony of cyanobacteria.

First Eukaryote

1700000000 BCE

The first eukaryote came from a prokaryote that had taken in other prokaryotes.

Mitochondria and Plastids emerge

1500000000 BCE

Mitochondria are though to have evolved after entering a larger prokaryote. Plastids possibly evolved from cyanobacteria and enable eukaryotes to carry out photosynthesis.

First Known Plants

1200000000 BCE

The earliest known plants were a type of algae.

First Known Animal

650000000 BCE

The earliest known animals were sea sponges.

First Backboned Animals

525000000 BCE

The first vertebrate is believed to be the Myllokunmingia. Other early vertebrates include the Haikouichthys.

First Land Plants

450000000 BCE

First land plants evolve from plants that moved onto land.