Contemporary History of Spain: 1975 to Present


Death of Franco

February 20, 1975

Franco dies after 35 years of absolute power and dictatorship

Spanish Socialist Workers' Party to power

1982 - 1996

The PSOE is in power in Spain for 14 years


December 14, 1988

There was a call for strike due to disagreements in policy between the unions (UGT) and the nationalists

PP Years

1996 - 2004

4 years of economic growth under the PP leading to many more successful elections

PP to Power


The PP finally beats the PSOE in the election and President Aznar and the PP take control



Strike broke out as a result of discord concerning educational system and insufficient communication and relationship between government and people. Turning point for the PP government

Terrorist acts and Bombings in Madrid

March 11, 2004

The terrorist acts by a group of Islamic extremists led to the death of 192 people and the wounding of over 2000

PSOE wins elections

March 14, 2004

After the bombings in Madrid, citizens voted the PSOE back into power

PSOE in Power

November 2004 - November 2011

PSOE and President Zapatero elected and reelected in 2008

PP and Rajoy

November 2011 - April 2013

The PP wins 2011 election and Rajoy elected in a complete majority