Morraine Grey




Born in Liverpool, Brittan

Has a sister, Cercie Same Father different mothers

Advising the Lost

03/19/1897 - 11/15/1901

Spent some years posing as a "Spiritualist Advisor" who was able to "Channel" the spirits for information.


02/23/1901 - 06/30/1901

She encountered her sire at one of her "spiritual" gatherings

Approval pending for Bloodline



She was embraced by her sire a female Gangrel Crone with the Childer of Morrigan bloodline activated.

Nightclubs and Parites

05/19/1918 - 11/12/1927

Spent some years in San Francisco enjoying the night club scene during Prohibition. She took lovers and tossed them away when she was done with them.

Scotland Ruins

07/13/1929 - 09/28/1935

While in Scottland exploring some ruins she encountered some Morrigan related iconography. She chose The Morrigan as her personal goddess after further research and the feeling of a pull from the goddess.

Embraced Damian Vale



08/23/1945 - 12/24/1955

She went into torpor hidden in rural New York.

Spirits And Cash

01/02/1970 - 09/18/1981

She got back into her tried and true form of getting cash after awakening from torpor in New York as a "Spiritualist Advisor"


09/27/1997 - 06/14/2006

Moved to Chicago
Set up New Age shop and started becoming a favorite of the locals for readings and communing with their dead loved ones.

Met Krista's PC


Met Krista's PC at the shop

Forgotten or Edited