Spanish Timeline


Franco's Death

November 20, 1975

Tejero's Coup

February 23, 1981

Tejero tries to start a coup by storming the Spanish Parliament. The coup failed.

PSOE has problems

1982 - 1985

PSOE has to deal with an economic crisis and other issues

UGT Strike

December 1988

Disagreements about economic policies causes the UGT to strike



Presidential elections

Election Results

April 1990

Aznar wins elections and becomes president

Popular Party


The PP gains support and starts winning regional elections

The Corruption Begins

1992 - 1993

Scandals and corruption leads Home Office leaders to get sent to jail.

The Euro


The Euro becomes the currency of the EU

The PP

1996 - 2000

The PP gains support over the PSOE and in 2000 the PP obtains absolute majority.

The Spanish Euro


Spain adopts the Euro as its currency

Education Reforms


Spanish Strike

June 2002

General strike against the government

PSOE comes back

2004 - 2008

The PSOE wins elections and creates reforms and economic growth

Terrorism Spikes

March 2004

The worst terrorist attack strikes Madrid

People's Party

2011 - 2012

People's Party, led by Rajoy, wins elections