Laia's Timeline

This is the Timeline of events for Laia Eriksdotter.



12/17/1601 - 12/18/1601

Barcelona, Catalonia - Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia (


2/18/1612 - 5/5/1615

Laia is Ghouled by Ivan (


5/6/1615 - 7/30/1615

Laia goes through Withdrawal as Blood is withheld from her. She returns to be a grown young mortal woman.

Ghouled Again

7/31/1615 - 6/30/1680

Travels to Gold Coast, Georgia, China, Greek Islands, Egypt, and India. Successfully gives birth to 15 ghoul children.


7/1/1680 - 7/2/1680

Embraced by Alder Eric Winters in Spain


7/2/1680 - 1/1/1700

Laia remains under Erik's Accounting and then is Released.


1/30/1700 - 4/30/1720

Laia trains and is confirmed by Celeste

Sin-Eating Experiments

5/15/1793 - 3/12/1800

Laia travelled to England to learn more about the Ordo Dracul and got involved with their experiments. She was kept in stead amongst members of the Sin-Eaters Cult and learned this as part of her search.

The Movement

2/12/1810 - 4/28/1820

Laia is in Amsterdam attending Coffehaus discussions and finally decides to join The Movement.

Hunter Columbine

1/1/1835 - 5/30/1845

Laia meets Hunter in England and helps him protect his mortal family and takes on a new cause through Embrace.

Matthew Voelker

8/20/1858 - 4/14/1870

Finding a down and out American amongst the bars in Barcelona, Laia takes a shine to him and they become Lovers. After she Embraced him she did her best to show the positive of it, but he left despising what she did to him.

Lucian Ashford

1/14/1888 - 6/30/1908

Meeting Lucian after church with Matthew the English Theological Doctor was hired to teach Matthew Hindi. But in studying the records to debate the local Priests he stumbled upon part of Laia's past. Being a good Christian gentleman, Laia decided to bring him into the Family.

Eclipse #1

7/27/1909 - 2/15/1919

In need of rest and fleeing the Tragic Week of Barcelona ( ), Laia travels to Erik to sleep during The Great War.

Avus Thurston True

4/16/1925 - 2/8/1928

Laia meets a Thurston in Chicago while bringing another Relic over through the Knight of Columbus. She then brings him into the Bloodline through an induction ritual and mentors him.

Raising Casey O'Conner

8/14/1929 - 7/18/1936

Laia takes over indoctrinating her grandchilde after her Sire (Hunter) went into Eclipse.

Eclipse #2

8/3/1937 - 8/1/1946

The amount of Sin-Eating Laia performed after The Great War was wearing on Laia. Seeing the shape of war looming again, Laia returns to Erik to sleep through WWII

David Ovid Ruiz

4/2/1950 - 12/31/1970

When bringing another relic over with the Knights of Columbus, Laia encounters David. After they start talking, Laia realizes that he is actually a descendent of her own ghoul children. She embraces him and takes more time in tutelage.

The Peace Movement

5/13/1961 - 1/12/1973

Laia gets involved with The Peace Movement and heavily experiments with drugs. She becomes part of the whole "experience" of spiritual awareness and calling. Part of this typically included some sort of orgy as part of a chemical induced "high". So much for trying to stave of the inevitable....

Eclipse #3

6/17/1973 - 3/5/2012

Noted Encounters

PC Ties

Meeting Rowan

7/1/1680 - 10/1/1680

Rowan gets to witness the creation Laia

Training with Sara

6/18/1682 - 5/15/1686

Sara teaches Laia fighting and killing techniques.

Meets Anne Colbine

6/18/1720 - 6/22/1720

Visiting traveling Circus in Barcelona

Bringing Arya up to speed

3/13/1800 - 12/31/1800

Laia receives a message and rushes to assist a Family Member, only to learn that it is Arya the Patrician. She does her best to make a good impression on him and bring him up to speed as to the World, Business, and Social changes.

Meeting Lief Ragnarsen, Ragnar Aynasen, and Lodewijk Van Tollenaar

5/17/1810 - 5/30/1810

Laia meets the most ardent family Invictus in the Coffeehaus and engages them in discussion. They were curious and left unimpressed with "new thinking".

Travel to NYC

6/15/1845 - 7/15/1845

Having provided assistance to the Knights of Columbus, Laia and Hunter escort a relic to a new Cathedral in NYC where they meet with Celeste.

Meets Ellis

5/11/1952 - 5/12/1952

Laia brings David to meet Erik and also gets to meet Ellis

Meeting Jonathon Ripple

8/15/1969 - 1/13/1973

Laia meets fellow Carthian Jonathon at Woodstock and the two become Lovers. Laia helps him get his Clean and Green company going while in a Commune in Colorado.

Meet Obadiah Thorn

3/9/1971 - 3/31/1972

Laia meets Obadiah at the Carthian Commune and asks him to help train David in fighting techniques.

Meet Cyrus Orlande

6/15/1973 - 6/17/1973

Laia helps acclimate Cyrus one evening in NYC prior to her going into Eclipse. They enjoy a pleasant evening together.

Meet Hotaru

3/5/2012 - 5/30/2012

The first Kindred she meets after awakening from Eclipse.

Family Meeting

4/7/2012 - 4/30/2012

Laia has all her childer come to Hawaii and meet their Grandsire and each other. They bring her up to speed as to their Danse and significant events and set her up with a new identity for the modern times.

Reunion with Cyrus

5/2/2012 - 5/12/2012

Laia goes to Phoenix where Cyrus helps her acclaimate and has her release his burdens. The two catch up.