Russian Revolution

By Adam Timmerman and Emily Wilson

Before Revolution

Bloody Sunday


Bloody Sunday was a day on which unarmed, peaceful demonstrators marching to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II were shot upon by Imperial Guard soldiers.

Warning of the Tsar


On this date, Tsar Nicholas II is warned that his army will not support him in a revolution, and that they will side with the Bolsheviks.

During Revolution

February Revolution


The February Revolution was an uprising which consisted of several mass demonstrations and armed clashes with the police, and ended with an agreement being met between the Petrograd Soviets and the Russian Provisional Government.

Znamenskaya Square


Tsar Nicholas II postpones a government meeting to stop the protesting happening in Znamenskaya Square.

Tsar Nicholas II's Abdication


Tsar Nicholas II decided at the end of the February Revolution in 1917 to abdicate his throne and pass it down not to the heir-apparent, but to his Grand Duke, who declined. This marked the end of the three-century-long Romanov dynasty, as well as Russia's Tsardom.

First Provisional Government Falls


Workers, soldiers, and everyday people protest in the streets of Petrograd and Moscow, causing the Provisional government to fall.

October Revolution


During the October Revolution, also recognized as the October Uprising, the Russian Provisional Government was overthrown, giving power to the Bolshevik-dominated Soviets.

After Revolution

Russian Civil War

11/07/1917 - 10/01/1922

After the October Revolution and the domination of the Soviet Bolsheviks, a civil war ensued in Russia.

Execution of Nicholas II


In the early hours of July 17, 1918, the ex-Tsar is awakened along with his family, told to dress, and brought down to a basement. There, they are met with a firing squad composed of European communists and local Bolsheviks. He is told he has been condemned to death, and then shot in the presence of his family and some of their servants.

The Storming of the Winter Palace


The Storming of the Winter Palace was a mass spectacle held on the third anniversary of the October Revolution, outside the former-Tsarist Winter Palace. The performance depicted the events leading from the February Revolution to the victory of the October Revolution.