Were the peace treaties of 1919-1923 fair?

Major Events

World War I

1914 - 1918

League of Nations

1919 - 1945

Treaty of Versailles

28 June 1919

With Germany
-Had to take the blame for starting the war
- Had to pay £6,600,000,000 to the Allies for the damage caused
- Germany lost territories: Saarland, Rhineland, Baltic States,etc.
- Army was limited to 100,00 men, had to be volunteers; no conscription, no armored vehicles, submarines or aircraft, only six navy battleships Rhineland demilaterized

Treaty of Saint-Germain

10 September 1919

With Austria
-Separated Austria from Hungary
-Land lost: Bohemia and Moravia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Galicia

Treaty of Neuilly

27 November 1919

With Bulgaria
- Lost land to Greece, Romania, and Yugoslavia
-Limit armed forces to 20,000
- Had to pay £100,000,000

Treaty of Trianon

4 June 1920

With Hungary
- Lost land: Transylvania, Slovakia, Ruthenia, Slovenia, Croatia

Treaty of Sevres

10 August 1920

With Turkey
- Lost land: Smyrna, Syria, the straits into the Black Sea

Treaty of Lausanne

24 July 1923

Revision of Treaty of Sevres
With Turkey
- Returned Smyrna to Turkey


US: Woodrow Wilson

1913 - 1921

- World Peace
- The Fourteen Points:
1) No secret treaties
2) Free access to the seas in peacetime or wartime
3) Free trade between countries
4) All countries to work towards disarmament
5) Colonies to have a say in their own future
6) German troops to leave Russia
7) Independence for Belgium
8) France to regain Alsace-Lorraine
9) Frontier between Austria and Italy to be adjusted
10)Self-determination for the peoples of Eastern Europe
11) Serbia to access to the sea
12) Self-determination for the people in the Turkish Empire
13) Poland to become an independent state with access to the sea
14) League of Nations to be set up

UK: David Lloyd George

1916 - 1922

- Wanted Germany to not be harshly punished
- Wanted Germany to lose its Navy
- Wanted Germany to lose its colonies
-Wanted Britain and Germany to begin trading again

France: Georges Clemenceau

1917 - 1920

- Wanted to cripple Germany
-Wanted Germany to be broken into smaller states