To what extent was the League of Nations a success?

Major Events

League of Nations Set-up

January 1920

Joined Countries:
France: 1919- 1945
Britain: 1919-1945
Italy: 1919- 1937
Japan: 1919-1933
Germany: 1926-1933
USSR: 1934- 1939

Upper Silesia

20 March 1920

Boarder between Germany and Poland. Plebiscite organized for which country they wanted to join.

The League divided the region so Industrial areas went to Germany and Rural areas went to Poland.
Accepted by both countries


24 August 1920

Polish army took control of the Lithuanian capital

The League did nothing.

Aaland Islands

20 October 1921

Sweden and Finland wanted control of Aaland islands. Threat of fighting.
The League said the islands should go to Finland. Sweden accepted to ruling.


27 September 1923

Italy and Greece conflict. Italy occupied Greek islands of Corfu; 15 people killed.
The League insisted that Mussolini withdraw from Greece. Terms accepted.

Geneva Protocol

2 October 1924

Stating that
" if two members of the League were in dispute they would have to ask the League to sort out the disagreement and they would have to accept the Council's decision."

The Protocol was meant to strengthen the League but instead it weakened it.

Locarno Treaties

October 1925

Rhineland Pact
- Germany finally accepted the boarders with France and Belgium
-Germany accepted that the Rhineland would remain a demilitarized zone
- France and Germany agreed to settle any future disputes through the League of Nations


14 December 1925

Greek troops invaded Bulgaria after a dispute at the border.

The League ordered Greece to pull out . Greece obeyed.

Greece thought that the League had one rule for large states (like Italy) and another for the smaller states (like themselves)

The Kellog-Briand Pact

27 August 1928

No War for 5 years

The Great Depression

1929 - 1941

US Stock Market Crash




Japan attacks China

The League did little to help Manchuria. Japan remained and left the League in 1933



Italy attacks Ethiopia

The League attempted to stop Italy with economic sanctions. These did not include a ban on the sale of oil and they failed.

After this the League of Nations was not taken seriously as a peace-keeping organization.


US: Warren Harding

1921 - 1923

Russia: Joseph Stalin

1922 - 1952

Italy: Benito Mussolini

1922 - 1943

US: Calvin Coolidge

1923 - 1929

US: Herbert Hoover

1929 - 1933

US: Franklin D. Roosevelt

1933 - April 1945

Germany: Adolf Hitler

1934 - 1945