Ancient Timeline

Ancient Egypt

Egyptians Settled along the Nile River

6000 BCE

Egyptians began to use clay and silt from the river to make pottery.

Started Farming

5000 BCE

They Farmed sheep and cattle. Also grew wheat and barley on the fertile.

Used boat

4500 BCE

Egyptians used boats for transportation. They also discovered how to bake.

Writing system created

3500 BCE

Egyptians began writing and painting. Used hieroglyphics and symbols in their writing system. They Created wall paintings.

Villages were built

3000 BCE

Villages and houses made up of clay, mud, and brick. Upper and lower Egypt Created.

First Stone Pyramids built

2700 BC

Places they built

2500 BCE

Egyptians built The Great Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Giza.

'New Kingdom'

1500 BCE - 1080 BCE

Royal tombs had been built in the Valley of Kings. Known as the ‘New Kingdom’ period

King Tut 1341-1325

1341 BCE - 1325 BCE

King Tutankhamun is called King Tut. He started ruling in the fifteenth century. He was born 1341 BCE and died 1325 BCE and was buried in the Valley of Kings. The Temple of Karnak was built in this time period.

Egypt invaded

332 BCE

Egypt was invaded by Alexander the great. He conquered Egypt.


Farming Started

7500 bc

China farming method

5000 BC

The Chinese used terrace farming. A terrace is a piece of sloped plane that has been cut into a flat plat forms which resemble steps, for the purposes of more effective farming.

China and Western nations battle over trade issues

1860 BC - 1839 BC


1500 bc - 1122 bc

Called the Yellow River region. A system of writing which is used in the Chinese script. Shang dynasty begins in this time period. Earliest bronze ritual vessels.


1500 bc - 200 bc

People lived around The Yellow River in villages. Made pottery on pottery wheel. They grew wheat and millet in farms. People constructed a vast system of drainage canals. Greek religion, Some gods,


1123 bc - 256 bc

The people of the Zhou dynasty used iron. And also used flat, dry peices of bamboo to use as paper and write on. These people were semi-nomadic. Refined the calender.


221 bc - 206 bc

Ch'in Shih was the first king of this dynasty. Great wall of China built. Toaism was the first religion. Roads built.

Han Dynasty

202 bc - 222 ad

The Han Dynasty was the imperial dynasty of China. This dynasty was founded by the leader Liu Bang.


618 ad - 906 ad

Had pottery, literature, poetry, and art. Capitol was Chang'an. Strated taxing for the first time.




1279 ad - 1368 ad

Use of gun powder as a weapon. Encyclopedia of Chinese writing. Forbidden city built. China makes a grand fleet naval power


1368 ad - 1644 ad

Developed writing skills and books. Men were forced to shave the front of their heads and put hair in ponytail.

Present Day

2013 - 2020

Streets over crowded, and many people live in China. MAny people use bikes for transportation. Most populated city. 1 child law.



13000 BC - 300 BC

First clan to use stone tools. Made first pottery


300 bc - 300 ad

The Yaiyo were the first to use bronze and iron and began rice farming. First non-nomadic Civilization


300 - 800

First clan to consolidate to rule over most of the islands
Improved pottery, and Enjoyed a hegemony over the surrounding aristocracies that made them powerful and wealthy

Feudal Era

800 - 1800

The Feudal Era brought the First Shogun war and
First tea ceremony known as “Chado”. The country was ruled by a dictator ship known as the Tokugawa


1600 - 1800

The country became a dictatorship and was isolated from the western world.

Meiji Restoration

1800 - 1900

Borders were reopened while the capital of Japan was moved to Tokyo. The government was changed back to an empire. Emperor Meiji also created Shinto, the national religion of Japan


1900 - 1945

The second world war started during this time period. Soon after did Japan bomb an American state, causing them to join the war on the allies side.

Present day

1945 - 2013

One of the leading country in technonlogy, marketing and travel



6000 BC - 5000 BC

Hassuna culture lived in organized villages with a social, religious, shrine. These villages were surrounded by mud brick houses.


5000 BCE

They Farmed sheep and cattle. Also grew wheat and barley on the fertile. The type of farming they did was irraigation. Since all of Mesopotamia was a dry desert mesopotamians supplied dry land with water.


4500 BC

Tenerians culture created. These people colonized the region in present Niger.


3500 BC

Cities are growing across Mesopotamia. Most of the people living in Mesopotamia live in the dry, hot, desert.


3000 BC

The Sumerians start to create mathematics using a number system with the base 60.

First Dynasty

2500 BC - 1934 BC

The first Sumerian dynasty of Ur, was created.

New Dynasty was built

1550 BC

The Kassite Dynasty in Babylon was created.

Sumerians arrived



First civilzation

2500 bc

The Indus Valley civilization develops around the valley of the Indus River. Aryan trade is based on crops grown on the fertile river plains. Also devolped the first form of writing called Brahmi script.


2000 bc

Delhi born created by Delhi Metro.


1500 bc

The Aryan people who live between India and Europe invade from the north. They spread through the Indus Valley and down into the Ganges Valley.


1500 bc

The religion Hinduism was originated. Created by persian settlers. Hinduism is a multireligion in which the many gods and goddesses are worshiped in the home and by the numerous sections.


520 bc

Buddhism was created by Buddha. This religion was born in India and is known as following a system of beliefs. This religion is very peaceful.



Jainism is a religion that believes in non- violence towards all living beings. This is the oldest religion in Ancient India.



Sikhism born by Guru Nanak. The religion was about that a good and contemplative life will achieve unity with God.

Taj Mahal construction


Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan begins construction of the Taj Mahal for his wife Mumtaz. that passed away.

British take Control

1858 - 1947

The British bring down the Moguls and take control of India.

Gandhi born

1869 - 1948

October 2 1869 Mahatma Gandhi born. A man who grows up to go to school in britian becuase he ia very smary.

Gianded Fredom


India gains independence from the British. Then they divided into two countries.



Mahatma Gandhi is assassinated.

First women prime minister

1966 - 1984

Indira Gandhi becomes Prime Minister. One of the first women elected to lead a nation.