Ancient Rome (Ms. O)


City of Rome founded

753 bce

Roman Republic

509 bce - 27 bce

12 Tables

450 bce

post laws
+power of plebian class
to view some of the laws found on these tablets, visit

Gauls invade Rome

390 bce

Gauls invade & conquer Rome

Romans provide GOLD 2 Gauls

Gauls, content w/ payoff, leave

Gauls= ppl from what is now France

Punic Wars

264 bce - 146 bce

War with Carthage (North Africa)

Legendary Moment: Hannibal's troops cross the Pyrenees and the Alps on elephants.

African forest elephants are generally about 8 feet high @the shoulder... so they are quite a bit shorter than the Indian elephants our boy Alexander encountered. Still, it is a surprise to see elephants on the battlefield.

Hannibal invades Rome

218 bce

as he is there, the Romans head to Hannibal's city of
Carthage in N. Africa.

He rushes there to protect his city.

Julius Caesar

100 bce - 44 bce

~100 bce Caesar is born

59 bce - 50 bce= Caesar in Gaul being awesome & conquering

50 bce Senate, infl by Pompey, orders C. to disband his army and C. refuses [Crosses the Rubicon]

48- 44 bce Dictator
enacts reforms in Rome
public works +
+ citizenship
Julian calendar invented :D

44 bce assassinated by Brutus et al

Spartacus - slave uprising

73 bce - 71 bce

The Triumvirate rules Rome

44 bce - 31 bce

Marc Antony + Lepidus + Octavian(aka Caesar Augustus)

Octavian defeats Marc Antony & Cleopatra

31 bce

Roman Empire

27 bce - 476 ce

Octavian = Caesar Augustus

27 bce

First Roman Emperor

Visigoths sack Rome


Vandals sack Rome



Plato writes the Republic (Greek)

360 bce

Appian Way built

312 bce

First of many roads

BENEFITS of roads like Appian Way
troops + supplies move quickly
communication easy
trade easier

blt by military in peace time
skilled engineers plan (roads still exist today!)

$ from provinces the roads serviced

Colosseum (Flavian Ampitheater)

80 ce

50,000 people
4 stories
Gladiator battles

paid for by wealthy families, politicians running 4 office, emperors, public officials [to win public support]

Constantine converts to Christianity


1st Christian emperor of Rome

Theodosius -> Christianity=official religion