Children's literature


Poetry and Drama

1400 - 1600

Romans and Greeks used to perform stories and resight poetry to their children



In Medieval Europe parents began to sing lullabies to their children at bedtime.

Childrens Literature begins


Fairy Tales and 'chap' books invented.

Pretty Pocket Book


This was the book that changed children's literature forever.

Fairy Tales

1800 - 1900

At this time in Britain fairy tales became particularly popular and illustrators began to draw their own images and use colour printing
1865- Alice's adventures in Wonderland
1967- Jungle Book

Little Library


Affordable Children's literature was created, Little Library

Literary Awards


Among the many literary awards was the Newbury Medal and its first medal was awarded to, the story of mankind- Van Look

Comics and Series books


After the Great Depression when little money was spent on literature comics and series book came about.

A Little Golden Book

1942 - 1962

At this Time the first 12 Little Golden Book titles were published on October 1st 1942. these books were initially sold for 25 cents until 1962 when the rise of this cost came to29 cents.