Pacific Ocean


Japan Invades Manchuria

Sept 18 1931

This was the first step for Japan to collect resources they believed they needed to grow as a country.

Japanese Defeat the Chinese

07 Jul 1937

The Japanese defeat Chinese forces in a clash near Peking, taking control of North China.

Attack on the Panay

Dec 12, 1937

Japanese warplanes dive-bomb the American gunboat Panay in the Yangtze River in China.

Rape of Nanjing

December 13 1937

The mass murder and destruction of Nanjing by the Japanese Navy.

The Japanese take over Hankow

October, 1938

The Japanese Central China Army captures Hankow, ending their advance up the Yangtze River.

American and Flilipino Protect Manilia

December 1941 - May 5 1942

American and Filipino troops are defeated due to a miscalculation of the power the Japanese had.

Attack of Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

A surprise attack by the Japanese navy against the navy base on Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

Battle of Hong Kong

8 December 1941 - 25 December 1941

One of the first battles in the Pacific in WWII. The Japanese win and instil Japanese Administration.

US Declares War on Japan

December 8, 1941

Due the support for attacking Japan overpowered the influence of isolationists. This caused the US to declare war on Japan and enter the second World War.

Bataan Death March

April 9 1942

The forceful transfer of American and Filipino prisoners of war by the Japanese military.

Doolittle's Raid

April 18 1942

The first air raid by the United States targeting Japan's home islands.

Battle of Coral SEa

4 May 1942 - 8 May 1942

A naval battle between the Japanese and American navy. It was the first time air carriers were used in battle.

Battle of Midway

7 June 1942

The battle evolving the Japanese and American navy's clash. The battle ended in the Japanese navy's defeat.