Spread Of Taoism and Fur Trade via the Silk Road


Taoism Timeline

Taoism is founded

550 BCE

Tao-Te Ching written by Lao Tze

Emperor Wudi establishes Taoist advisors

500 BC - 8 BC

Warring States Period to the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Western Han Dynasty, under the encouragement of both Taoist experts and emperors and kings, a famous movement in the history was initiated to seek longevity panacea in the sea.

Taoism flourishes in the Shundi period of East Han Dynasty.

126 AD - 144 AD

Zhang Ling creates Wudoumi (five pipefuls of rice) Tao in Sichuan Province.

Zhang Jiao established Taiping (peace) Tao,

172 AD - 178 AD

This marks the real formation of Taoism as we know it. Taoism spreads south and east along the Siilk Road

Taoism begins to decline in the upper class

1200 AD

Taoism instead starts spreading in the lower-class society.

Taoism is modified to cater for people's psychological needs

1368 AD - 1644 AD

Taoism became a mixture with no unique features. During this period, Taoists were of low quality, and knew little about the doctrine and laws of Taoism.

Fur Trade Timeline

Demand for cat furs in Europe increases dramatically


Due to the nuns’ want for a cheap, “worthy” fur

Trade of marmot pelts brings the Black Plague to Europe

1300 - 1350

Russia and China continue to trade furs off of the silk road

1395 - 1500

Demand for squirrel fur began to increase